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Audiovisual Installation at Lofi Amsterdam

A collection of TouchDesigner made inspiration, merging both visuals and sound (audiovisual). Eg: Lights responding to live music nearby or visual representations of instruments. Each creator/artist is credited along with each project.

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What is TouchDesigner?

TouchDesigner is a node based visual programming language for real time interactive multimedia content, developed by the Toronto-based company Derivative. It’s been used by artists, programmers, creative coders, software designers, and performers to create performances, installations, and fixed media works.

I find the combination of visuals and sound the most interesting because it gives the viewer/audience a much deeper and more immersive experience than one without sound. However, even if this is the type of projects this article will feature, it’s worth noting that there are many other types of works that can be created with TouchDesigner that don’t involve audio.

Audiovisual TouchDesigner Inspiration

Before showing individual works, here’s a list of some of my favorite Instagram accounts that regularly curate content containing TouchDesigner works:

Instagram – Audiovisual accounts

This first piece is by (@frog_spit_simulation) who combines lights/visuals with her synth, creating a beautiful performance. You can find more of her work on her Instagram page, with different types of visuals.

Next, we have Kohui, who works with creating audiovisual experiences with a clear inspiration from nature and its shapes. You can find more of his work both on his Instagram and website.

Einder – A Liveshow Installation

The beautiful audiovisual installation is called “EINDER” and was created using TouchDesigner.

The creators are

Contrarium – Lofi Amsterdam

From one of the creators of the EINDER installation shown above (@lumusinstruments), here’s another gorgeous audiovisual installation in Amsterdam, Netherlands at Lofi Amsterdam (, called Contrarium.

For Contrarium, they used TouchDesigner to generate a light show using strings of long lights inside an industrial building, reactive to the live performance. I’d personally love to experience something like this in real life!

Hope you enjoyed it and found some new inspiration!

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