10 Gorgeous Timeline UI Design (Inspiration & Tips)

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Here’s a collection of gorgeous timeline UI design for inspiration, and some tips on things to think about when creating them!

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Tips – how to create good timeline UI design

When should you use a timeline?

A timeline is used to display a list of events in chronological order. So, this can be applied for example in these scenarios:

  • Displaying comments and replies (with each reply going further down the timeline)
  • Representing calendars and actual timelines
  • Illustrating the history of a process (for example a company’s history)
  • In video/sound/creative editing (allowing for parallel layers of effects)
  • Showing progress

As you can see, there are tons of different use-cases that timelines can be used for. So when you start designing a new one from scratch, make sure you first know the use case.

General guidelines to think about when creating a timeline UI design

  1. What will your intended users want to get out of the timeline first and foremost? That will be the main focus of how you layout your design.
  2. How can you best display that information? Horizontally, vertically, visually, with copy etc.
  3. What other functions may be nice to have? And where can you fit them in? What functionalities do you not need?
  4. What conventions are there to the type of timelines you want to create? Timelines can actually be a rather complex mental model to understand, so it helps if your timeline follow established design conventions.
  5. Perform usability tests! Try out your design on someone without explaining it to them first. See if they can use your design. Will you need to simplify or perhaps add helper-texts?

10 Timeline UI Design Inspiration

And onto the collection of 10 gorgeous and great timeline UI designs!

Note! Most of these designs are not my own, and credits to each owner/creator are given below every image with a link to their work.

1. Activity Timeline by Attio

I think this dark mode design by Attio is gorgeous because it’s so minimal. It reminds me of the Reddit comment section, so if I were to design a comment and reply section then I’d probably take inspiration from this.

timeline UI design inspiration

2. Roadmap by 3drops


3. Taskete Task Manager Webapp by Happy Tri Milliarta

I find the thumbnails in all the tasks highly appealing. It’s similar to how Google Calendar has started implementing auto-generated thumbnails for calendar events. When done right, thumbnails on calendar events really do allow the user to take in the information faster. So, that’s the key takeaway from this inspiration.

timeline UI design inspiration
Happy Tri Milliarta

4. Timeline by Hüseyin Gayiran

This is one of the cleaner parallel timelines I’ve seen. Many times when I’ve used editing software I’ve been confused by where to find the confounding element (for example what a color block represents). In this regard, I think this design by Hüseyin is great.

timeline UI design inspiration
Hüseyin Gayiran

5. Event Calendar by Denis Efremov

As mentioned in the beginning, timelines are of course great for visualizing events that have happened throughout history. Here’s an example of that.

history timeline ui
Denis Efremov

6. Journal Calendar by Wendy Zhou (Mine)

I’m very happy with this timeline that I designed for my own journaling app. I think the blue glowing dots work well for dark mode timeline designs and that the vertically aligned entries work well too.

timeline UI design inspiration
Wendy Zhou

7. Sonatic by 3drops

I noticed multiple great timeline UI designs by the designer 3drops. These seem to be for voice-recording or voice-over software. Absolutely gorgeous!

timeline UI design inspiration

8. Task Manager by Vitaliy Dorozhko

Here’s another great dark mode timeline UI design. It’s so visually cool and nice. The glowing neon-ish side border on each task is gorgeous!

dark mode timeline UI design inspiration
Vitaliy Dorozhko

9. Sonatic Timeline by 3drops

Another one by 3drops. Very clear, uncluttered, and aesthetically pleasing.

voice timeline UI design

10. Multifunctional Dashboard by Gura Nicholson

The detail I loved the most in this design is the drag-and-drop functionality of the task. I love small interactive components like that!

calendar app
Gura Nicholson

I hope this gave you some nice inspiration!

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