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Doug Wheeler is an American artist that works with creating arts through space, volume, and light. Here’s some of his amazing work!

I love the minimalism of his work and how they all seem to give off a feeling of infinity and spaciousness. Read more about Doug Wheeler >

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Indoor Sky by Doug Wheeler

One of his more famous installations is one that he did at Manhattan’s David Zwirner gallery. In this installation, he created an indoor sky using UV neon lights behind a white drywall. It has a nice effect of making all humans standing before it into silhuettes.

UV Neon Light Art Installation Minimalistic

Here are some Instagram posts from visitors.

Indoor Spiky Desert

Also in New York, Doug created a room with spiky-floor to simulate an indoor desert. People say that this installation “evokes the sensation of vast infinity space”. And again, his work is minimalistic but gorgeous.

Doug Wheeler
Doug Wheeler

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