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Graffiti art is often associated with retro styles, but there are some really cool artists out there who aim to create futuristic graffiti. In this article, you’ll be introduced to some futuristic graffiti/mural art for inspiration and the artists behind them.

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Common Elements

Some of the more common elements that I found in these graffiti pieces are…

  • Gradients (strong colors that overlap)
  • Glitch effect
  • Metallic look
  • Abstract shapes (Rectangles, squares, shape edges, circles)
  • Dark backgrounds that make the colours pop

Felipe Pantone- FUTURISTIC/Digital Revolution GRAFFITI ARTIST

Felipe Pantone is an artist from Span, who aims to create art that..

“feels like a collision between an analog past and a digitised future, where human beings and machines will inevitably glitch alongside one another in a prism of neon gradients, geometric shapes, optical patterns, and jagged grids”

And I love that description. It’s exactly this kind of graphics and art that I want to see all around me. I think he definitely succeeds in his art vision.

I am especially amazed by the glitch effects and how he balances colors with black. and white.

Futuristic Graffiti Glitches Mural - Felipe Pantone
Futuristic Graffiti Glitches Mural - Felipe Pantone
Futuristic Graffiti Glitches Mural - Felipe Pantone for Lisbon Mural for LisbonWeek
Futuristic Graffiti Glitches Mural - Felipe Pantone

Here’s a great example of many abstract shapes and patterns sewn together to form an interesting composition.

Felipe’s Instagram

ANGEL TOREN – Futuristic Graffiti Artist

Angel Toren is a visual/urban artist from Spain. I would definitely describe his art style as futuristic, forward, and super cool!

  1. Graffiti on a building rooftop

I love the contract between the dark surroundings and the bright graffiti with asymmetrical shapes. And I love it even more that it looks so cool on Google Maps.

Rooftop Futuristic Graffiti from the sky on Google Map by Angel Toren
Rooftop Graffiti from the sky on Google Map
Futuristic Graffiti - Artists
Angel Toren

2. Wall art

It’s interesting how he made the abstract shapes look metallic and how the circles look like network/data points.

Futuristic Graffiti - Artists
Diagonal Grey
Futuristic Graffiti - Artists
graffiti black and gradients

3. Vehicle graffiti

Futuristic graffiti on truck

I found out about Angel Torent from Montana-Cans.

Cyberpunk Graffiti Artist – Deih XLF

Cyberpunk graffiti by Deih XLF
Bayonne in France by Deih

Cool red and black glitch effect!

Cyberpunk glitch futuristic graffiti by Deih XLF
Deih Street art

Inspiration for Futuristic Graffiti/Murals

Modern Graffiti Bandi Tacos
Graffuturism in collaboration with Tacos
Unknown Artist

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed

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