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Neon lights can be gorgeous as interior decoration. They can be used for cool light installations at venues and parties, in restaurants, as well as in our homes. Here’s some inspiration for decorating interiors with neon!

By the way, I don’t use the word “neon” strictly. When I say neon, I include all sorts of LED lights, neon-look-alike lighting and colors, lasers, and such. I know it’s not terminologically correct, but, it works. Also, I’m not the artist, creator, or designer of any of these inspirations. I’ve linked the source/creator/artist under each image.

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Neon Interior For Venues & Parties

I always love seeing neon lights in parties and venues. It can look so cool and stylish. Here’s a few examples of neon and laser lightening that look great.

Check out this cool immersive light and sound installation by Cluster:

by Cluster for Day For Night Festival in Houston

Following photos are by photographer 5TEP5

Neon Interior Decoration

Home Bedroom / Living Room Neon

Neon is not commonly used in homes, and if you’re not mindful they can make your place look kinda trashy. But there are ways of using neon in your bedroom or living room that can look quite tasteful.

To make it look nice, you can….

Decorate with some beautiful neon art pieces. They can be expensive, but you only need one or a few.

Artist Unknown

Use subtle colors (e.g. soft orange) and make sure that the lights aren’t directly visible. For example by placing the lights behind objects such as a mirror, a wall, under a furniture.

Neon Interior Home Lightening
By yk3h on Behance
du3h on Behance

Restaurants Neon Decoration

Cool restaurants have neon lights. Okay, not all, but many do. Especially in asian countries, and the trend is moving to the west as well.

Neon Interior for Restaurants
Photo by – Hong Kong Restaurant

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