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Dark Matter is an exhibition in Berlin, focused on light, space, and sound (light art and audiovisuals). It takes place in pitch-black rooms in a former factory site, located next to the famous nightclub Sisyphos. Here’s my review of the Dark Matter Berlin exhibition.

Price: 16 euros (My opinion: VERY worth it)
Location: Koepenicker Chaussee 46, 10317 Berlin-Lichtenberg
Website: darkmatter.berlin/
Instagram: @darkmatterberlin

About Dark Matter Berlin

Dark Matter Berlin Review Inverse Installation
Inverse Installation

What is it?

Dark Matter is an exhibition featuring multiple light-art installations, all of which are a combination of light and sound. Many of them are highly immersive and allow the experiencer to interact with the creations (creating sounds and patterns through movements and physical interactions).

Who’s it for?

It’s suitable for both children and adults and allows the experiencer to decide for themselves how they want to interact with the artworks. Many of the artworks are hypnotic, meditative, amazing to experience. All of the installations are dynamic, changing, moving, and transforming.

If you love light art and audiovisual, you will without a doubt enjoy this immensely. Even if you don’t currently, you probably will after this.

More than just visual art

The installations are not only visually pleasing but are also technically impressive. For example, one of the installations “Liquid sky”, consists of more than 800 individual points of light that are used together to create amazing patterns in a mirrored room. Other parts use modern technology in a very innovative way.


Dark Matter Berlin Review
Dark Matter Entrance

I absolutely loved the Dark Matter Berlin exhibition. It was more impressive than any expectations I had. The experience for me started even before seeing the first installation.

Arrival & Location

When you first arrive at the location, you are met by all-black painted buildings, beautifully branded with the Dark Matter logo. When you first enter the main building, you are met by a very polished room, with huge and gorgeous light art prints on the walls, and a staff dressed stylishly in all black. Everyone who works there was nice, helpful, and seemed to be passionate about the exhibition.


Dark Matter Berlin Review - Grid Installation
Grid Installation

The exhibition consists of multiple (7) installations, each in its own room. Even though every installation was an experience in itself, the exhibition had a clear red thread through it, and it felt like you were going through a journey.

It has everything you could want to see:

  1. Beautiful and harmonious indorr-skies created by technology (Liquid Sky)
  2. Minimalistic, natural-moving, and mesmerizing silhuettes (Inverse)
  3. Hypnotic lights dancing in the dark (Circular)
  4. Using modern technology to simulate bonfire (Bonfire)
  5. Interactive technology & art based playgrounds (Polygon Playground)
  6. A light and sound show with a huge audiovisual sculpture combined with powerful electronic music (Grid)
  7. A ladder turned into an interactive electronic instrument (Scale)

It’s also very picture and video-friendly, so I’m sure you’ll be able to take beautiful photographs of the installations as well.


Here are a few videos of the exhibition from my Instagram.

All in all, this exhibition was one of the best ones I’ve ever been to in my life, and I highly recommend it to anyone. Especially to those who have a thing for light art and audiovisual as well, but even if you don’t, you should go.

The price is almost a steal, I mean 16 euros for this once-in-a-lifetime immersive and awe-inspiring experience? I’ll go twice (at least, if not more). After the show, you can also go buy a beer at their shop and get some merch. I did, and it was great.

Dark Matter BRLO Helles beer

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