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Cyberpunk Aesthetic | What Is It?

Cyberpunk Aesthetic | What is it?

What is cyberpunk aesthetic? In this article, I explain what cyberpunk is, and describe the common features and distinct characteristics of cyberpunk aesthetics.

Electronic: From Kraftwerk to the Chemical Brothers - Book Review

Electronic: From Kraftwerk to the Chemical Brothers – book Review

Review of “Electronic: From Kraftwerk to the Chemical Brothers”; about the visual culture of electronic music: graphic design, rave photography & interviews.

Women's Techwear Clothing

Women’s Techwear Clothing – Inspiration & Clothing

Techwear is probably the most futuristic clothing style out there, and it’s a style for both men and women. Here’s a collection of inspiration and clothing recommendations for women’s techwear clothing.

Best figma fonts


Are you looking for the best Figma fonts? Here are the best fonts in Figma and some methods on how to identify and find other modern Google fonts.

Futuristic Face Masks

4 Futuristic Face Masks

In the future, we may see high-tech face masks being used to protect us from a harsher environment due to climate change and from different toxic particles polluting the air. Here are 4 concepts of futuristic face masks that don’t exist yet.

Take a moment for gratitude practice

Take a Moment for Gratitude Every Day

The habit that has brought me the most joy, is to take a moment for gratitude every day. I can honestly say that it has changed my entire life and elevated my experience of happiness and satisfaction in life.

UX/UI Design

Featured articles about UX/UI Design – Inspiration, current trends, tutorials & resources.

Best Figma Community Files

Best Free Figma Community

3D UI Design - Inspiration and tools

3D UI Design

Best UX/UI Design Softwares and Programs

6 Best UX/UI Design Softwares

Figma Cyberpunk UI Kits & Resources

Latest & Current UI Design Trends

YouTube Tutorials

Video tutorials to help you out.

Place UI Design in mockup

How to Place your UI Design in a Mock-up

How to Export After Effects as MP4

How to Export After Effects as MP4

App UI Design Figma

How I make UI Design Mockups in Figma

Futuristic Products & Technology

Featured articles about cool product concepts and futuristic technology.

Futuristic Face Masks

4 Futuristic Face Masks
(that doesn’t exist yet)

High-Tech Artificial Intelligence Robots

What is high-tech artificial intelligence robots? Explained

Culture & Hobbies

Featured articles about cyberpunk, fashion, and high-end stationery.

Women's Techwear Clothing

Women’s Techwear Clothing –
Inspiration, brands, and tips

best teal fountain pen inks

3 Best Teal Fountain Pen Inks

Cyberpunk Hong Kong

Cyberpunk Scenes from the Hong Kong 2019 Protest