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Hi! I’m Wendy. I write about UX/UI design, emerging technology, personal development, cyberpunk, and stationery.

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UX/UI Design

Featured articles about UX/UI Design – Inspiration, current trends, tutorials & resources.

Best Figma Community Files

Best Free Figma Community

3D UI Design - Inspiration and tools

3D UI Design

Best UX/UI Design Softwares and Programs

6 Best UX/UI Design Softwares

Figma Cyberpunk UI Kits & Resources

Latest & Current UI Design Trends

Futuristic Products & Technology

Featured articles about cool product concepts and futuristic technology.

Futuristic Face Masks

4 Futuristic Face Masks
(that doesn’t exist yet)

High-Tech Artificial Intelligence Robots

What is high-tech artificial intelligence robots? Explained

YouTube Tutorials

Video tutorials to help you out.

Place UI Design in mockup

How to Place your UI Design in a Mock-up

How to Export After Effects as MP4

How to Export After Effects as MP4

App UI Design Figma

How I make UI Design Mockups in Figma

Culture & Hobbies

Featured articles about cyberpunk, fashion, and high-end stationery.

Women's Techwear Clothing

Women’s Techwear Clothing –
Inspiration, brands, and tips

best teal fountain pen inks

3 Best Teal Fountain Pen Inks

Cyberpunk Hong Kong

Cyberpunk Scenes from the Hong Kong 2019 Protest


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