6 Best Cyberpunk Movies on Netflix

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Here are the best cyberpunk movies on Netflix that you should check out! TLDR; Blade Runner 2049, Ready Player One, Space Sweepers, Ghost in the Shell, Tron, Outside the Wire.

Honestly, I’ll confess that I probably judge a movie by its aesthetics more than the actual storyline. But it’s just so cool to see things such as cyberpunk megacities, neon lights, fog, cool high-tech robots, or technology built into bodies. With that said, these are some of the best cyberpunk movies I’ve seen, at least visually. And then we of course have many more philosophical cyberpunk stories in terms of books and comics, but that’s a topic for another post.

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1. Blade Runner 2049

Available on Netflix (but not in all countries). Available on HBO as well.

Best Cyberpunk Movies on Netflix
Credit: Warner Bros

First on the list of the best cyberpunk movie: Blade Runner! It is super famous, and I’ll recommend everyone to watch it.

It’s dystopian and dark, and it features all the visuals needed such as a cyberpunk megacity, fog, and neon lights, as well as beautiful hologram ads (see image to the left). Isn’t that hologram scene just gorgeous and imaginary?

The movie is also entertaining throughout and contains emotional scenes, dynamic relationships (romantic and platonic, friendly and unfriendly), and treats the question of whether a human can love a robot. You will also get Ryan Gosling wearing a cool coat and driving a car with doors that slide open upwards (very cool).

2. Ready Player One

Best cyberpunk movies on Netflix
Credit: Warner Bros
Credit: Warner Bros

The second one on the list is Ready Player One. I love this movie, and you will too if you enjoy the concept of futuristic high-tech AR and VR games. This movie explores the idea of immersive games that offers people an open-world universe where they can go in order to escape reality. It definitely checks off the box of cool futuristic technology and innovations.

One of the most cyberpunk aspects of the movie is that it features scenes such as future slum areas in megacities, built on containers and vans (see the image to the left). It was one of my absolute favorite settings in the movie.

However, I can’t say that the storyline is very philosophical, but nevertheless, it’s still a very enjoyable movie.

3. Space Sweepers

Best Cyberpunk Movies on Netflix
Space Sweepers

Space Sweepers is of the best space movies I’ve seen. It’s a good blend of sci-fi interfaces, humans on Mars, futuristic occupations, humor, friendships, and action.

In this movie, the main characters work as space sweepers, which means that they collect dangerous debris that’s floating around in space. Sometimes such debris is flying past at dangerous speeds. And similar to most cyberpunk stories, it’s the poor people who get to do the dirty work. What I like about this concept is that it’s a realistic one. The debris floating around freely in space is already causing problems for astronauts and spacecraft, and I can imagine it getting worse with time.

You won’t regret watching this one! Take a look at the trailer below.

4. Ghost in the Shell (2017)

Best Cyberpunk Movies on Netflix
A cool Scarlet Johansson in a futuristic city
Best Futuristic Movies on Netflix

Available on Netflix (but not in all countries though)

Ghost in The Shell (2017) doesn’t have the deepest story but it has absolutely awesome and satisfying visuals. For example, huuuuge hologram advertisements in broad daylight (picture to the left), which are one of the most typical cyberpunk visuals.

It’s also fun of course that Scarlett Johansson has a full-on robot body and does cool action stuff.

See the trailer below.

5. Tron: Legacy

Best Cyberpunk Movies on Netflix

Available on Netflix (but not in all countries)

It’s a cool movie, and really famous. I’m having a hard time pinpointing why I like it though, but it was 100% a worthwhile watch. My strongest memory from the movie though was one super funny scene > “Yeaah?” (SPOILER warning!!). You’ll probably laugh about it when you see it.

6. Outside the Wire

Best Cyberpunk Movies on Netflix

I would describe this movie as filled with army weapons, mindless high-tech robots, pang-pang, and boom, and easily digested. It’s not a deep movie, but it has some really cool futuristic visuals!

Other good cyberpunk movies

Here are a few other futuristic movies that I’ve watched, but they weren’t (in my opinion) the best cyberpunk movies. But we all have different tastes so I may as well share them here and they may fit your taste better!

The Matrix

It’s a classic and one of the most famous futuristic movies (from the past). But it’s noticeable that it’s an old movie and I’m not impressed by the “futuristic” graphics.

Best Cyberpunk Movies on Netflix

I am mother

Isolation in space, robots, and babies.

I Am Mother (2019) - IMDb
Best Futuristic Movies on Netflix

The Midnight Sky

It’s a movie. It’s space, and it’s a bit dark like all space movies.

Best Futuristic Movies on Netflix

The Best Cyberpunk Series on Netflix

There are also a lot of great cyberpunk series on Netflix. Here are some of my favorite ones:

  • Black Mirror
  • Altered Carbon

Unfortunately, two of my other favorite dystopian/futuristic series are not on Netflix, but on HBO. But if you happen to have access to that as well I’ll recommend them below.

  • Westworld
  • Handmaid’s tale

I hope you enjoyed this post and that you found at least some new awesome futuristic movies to watch on Netflix!

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