Hi, I’m Wendy! – from Gothenburg, Sweden

About this blog

On this blog, you can find articles about personal development, creativity, design (especially Digital Product Design (UX/UI)), culture, cyberpunk, and futuristic things. On the Swedish blog, you can find even more articles written in Swedish.

Why I write

I write and create content here because I want to provide information, inspiration, and advice to other designers, creators, and people interested in design, technology, and the future. I want to help and be of service to my fellow human beings, and I hope that my work can contribute to a more inspiring and enjoyable world.

Let’s work together

I am available for remote freelance & consultant projects in Digital Product Design and writing.

My Background & experience

I grew up loving to read, paint, and write. At 14 years old, I began learning web design and discovered cyberpunk, and I fell for it immediately. Later, I worked as a UX/UI designer, digital creator and built my own websites and digital products. I also continued to explore my interests with a degree in cognitive science and other studies in journalism, psychology, and design. I currently freelance as a Digital Product Designer (UX/UI), tech-journalist, and write on my own websites (like this one).

For me, it’s about continuously learning new things and contributing to the world with what I can. My past experiences are the basis of what I write about and want to help others with.

In addition, I, like many others, have experienced and moved forward from painful experiences in life such as bullying, anxiety, fears, and existential crisis. From what I’ve learned from my own experiences, I hope to help others with theirs as well. You can find articles about such topics under the category Personal Development

About me – Personal things

I of course have other interests apart from working.

I’ve always enjoyed photography and I really love electronic music (techno, trap, synth/industrial), art installations, reading books, and traveling. I may have a mild obsession with journaling and collecting beautiful fountain pens, inks, and notebooks.

A few more unnecessary facts about me:

  • I played the violin and was in two orchestras for 11 years of my life. I also took piano lessons and learned to play the guitar. Right now I’m more into electronic music though.
  • I’m fluent in three languages: Swedish, English, and Chinese. And I have a pretty good grasp of French as well, but I’m still learning.
  • I like to paint BIG paintings of old ships, waves, and sunsets on canvases using acrylic.
  • My role model since I was a child has been Leonardo Da Vinci, mostly because he was a polymath. He inspires me to learn about everything I find fascinating, and to dedicate myself to my work and creations.

Personally, I stand for individual freedom and for allowing every person to live authentically. This means that I advocate for allowing every individual to seek their own honest self-expression and have the space to not need to conform to societal norms. Although if one does want to confirm all norms, then that’s okay too. Because in the end, our cultural and societal norms are just collective mental constructs of this time. Nothing really matters. Live how you want to live, and be who you want to be.

Apart from this blog, you can also find me:

  • Posting about design projects and thoughts on Instagram and Dribbble
  • Uploading design tutorials on YouTube
  • Running my small e-commerce brand (Noty & Co.), where I design and sell my own digital printables, planners, and stickers

Say Hi!

Don’t hesitate to send me a message on Instagram or email me at [email protected] I am currently open to freelance opportunities and collaboration! And I am also always open for new friendships and acquaintances 😊

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