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About this blog

On this website, I write about all the topics I’m interested in such as design, art, music, culture, futuristic graphics, personal development, and cool or nice things I want to share. Heh, I know it’s a lot. But it doesn’t end there! On the Swedish blog, I also occasionally write about local things in Gothenburg, such as the best bars and restaurants here.

work & Stuff

I’ve always loved to draw, paint, and write. When I was 14 I began learning web design, digital marketing, and discovered cyberpunk. Needless to say, I fell for it immediately. I started creating my own websites, worked with UX/UI design for a few years, and opened online shops to sell my own products. I also continued to explore my interests with a degree in cognitive science and other studies in journalism, design, psychology, and philosophy. Yeah, I can’t seem to decide on what subject to love the most. So, instead, I’m giving them all a go. For me, it’s more about learning new things and understanding the world, rather than gaining a specific title. Oh, and lastly, I’ve also been super passionate about reaching FIRE and becoming financially independent.

I may have over-worked myself a bit though during the last years. After a period of too much stress and life-changing events at once, I felt myself falling out of love with life. So, during the pandemic, I quit my job and decided to focus on my mental health. Through self-care and practicing meditation, I’ve gotten myself back to the place where I’m happy to wake up in the morning again. And I am excited for the future, yet grateful for the present. I have gained back my excitement for cool design, art, and music again and I’m also experiencing a lot of intrinsic motivation to create things, such as writing articles for my websites and using my design skills to contribute to a little more beautiful and enjoyable world.

About me – Personal things

I of course have other interests apart from working. I really enjoy electronic music (techno, trap, lo-fi, and other types of cyberpunk/dystopian/synth/industrial things) & related events, art installations, reading books, traveling, and meditation. I may also have a mild obsession with journaling and collecting beautiful fountain pens, inks, and notebooks.

Personally, I stand for individual freedom and for allowing every person to live authentically. This means that I advocate for allowing all and every individual to seek their own self-expression and have the space to not need to conform to societal norms. Whether it is clothing-wise, self-identity, sexuality, music & literature taste, lifestyle choices, child-bearing or none, ways of partnerships, and more. Although if one does want to confirm all norms, then that’s okay too. Because in the end, our cultural and societal norms are just temporary collective mental constructs in this time. None of it really matters. I just think it’s sad to spend this short life living in a way that we ourselves do not want or to feel like we can’t be ourselves because of other people’s expectations. Life’s too short for that. Honestly, even 100 years alive is less than a blink of an eye in terms of the entire past history and future of time and space.

Apart from this blog, you can also find me:

  • Posting about design projects and thoughts on Instagram and Dribbble
  • Uploading design tutorials on YouTube
  • Running my small e-commerce brand (Noty & Co.), where I design and sell my own digital printables, planners, and stickers

Hey, by the way! I’m always open and looking for new friendships. It can be hard sometimes to find people that share my interests. So, if you’re someone who’s interested in the same things as I am, and would like to talk, send me a message whenever! I try to check my Instagram frequently (and my email of course).

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Don’t hesitate to send me a message on Instagram or email me at wendyzhou.design@gmail.com.

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