I write articles about:

  • UX/UI Design – The latest trends & tutorials
  • Futuristic products & technology
  • Personal Development – Books & learnings about productivity, goal-achievement, our minds, and spirituality
  • My interests – Cyberpunk, fashion, and high-end stationery & calligraphy

About Me – Wendy

wendy zhou

I’m Wendy. I’m a UX/UI designer, creator, and writer/blogger from Sweden. I have an immense interest in futuristic technology, human-computer interaction, and art. When I was 15 I started getting into web design and cyberpunk. It was mostly during my B.Sc. in cognitive science that I truly learned about all of these subjects.

Apart from this blog, I also:

  • Upload videos on YouTube
  • Post about design projects on Instagram and Dribbble
  • Own a small e-commerce brand (Noty & Co.) where I design and sell my own digital printables, planners, and stickers

Other interests

I also (of course) have other interests apart from working.

I like spending time with people I love, electronic music (lo-fi, trap, techno), traveling, and practicing yoga and meditation. I also really like fountain pens, inks, painting, calligraphy, journaling, studying and investing (FIRE movement!).

Looking for more cool cyberpunk content?

I have this Pinterest board (see below) about futuristic, cyberpunk, and sci-fi design inspiration. I update it regularly, so check it out if you also like this stuff!

Say hi!

Don’t hesitate to send me a message on Instagram or email me at wendyzhou.design@gmail.com.

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