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The best book I’ve ever bought on light art photography is “Lust for Light” by Hannah Stouffer. This book is a collection of light art and light installation photography combined with interviews with each artists. It’s a great source for inspiration and discovering new artists!

During the past few months, I’ve become super interested in light art, light installations and audiovisuals. So, I’ve been searching for a physical book like this one for weeks, going to different book stores in multiple cities. And now, finally, I found one in the shop of the Museum of Arts in Gothenburg. It was everything I was looking for in such a book about light art! It is thick, packed with different images from different artists and creators. The book cover is sturdy and seems durable, which is important since I plan to keep this for life.

You can buy the book here. (Note, this is an affiliate link, which means that I get a commission from each sale, but it comes at no extra cost to you).

Review of Lust for Light by Hannah Stouffer

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The Book’s Content: Light & Neon Art + Interviews

Review of Lust for Light by Hannah Stouffer
The thickness of the book: my hand for scale

This book is a large photography collection of light art, light installations, and interviews with each artist. It’s a great source for inspiration and for discovering new light artists that you may not have heard of before. I recognized some of the artists features, which was really fun as well!

The image prints are of high quality and vibrant with color. It’s always a unique feeling to hold a page of good print in your hands, and even better when it’s of great art. I feel like the entire book is of good quality, durable, and sturdy. It’s pretty thick as well (meaning: it contains lots of stuff!).

Favorite Light Art Featured

I’m sure you’re curious of what some of the contents actually look like. So, here’s some of my favorite light art featured in the book, and why those are my favorites.

James Clar – I love how he uses minimalistic and simple forms for the structure, and combines it with more playful gradients.

Review of Lust for Light by Hannah Stouffer

Jun Hao Ong – These flourescent tubes where displayed in Malaysia and I think it looks absolutely unreal. There’s something about neon lights inside an unfinished structure that I love. I’ve been mesmerized a few times lately by led lights hanging hapzardly on every floor of multi-leveled buildings under construction. This reminds me of that, only ten times cooler.

Review of Lust for Light by Hannah Stouffer

Nonotak – Is a collaborative project that I was already following on Instagram and have written about in my earlier article about light installations. I was happy, and not surprised, to see their work featured in this collection! It’s lovely having their art on print. Much better than watching it on my small cracked phone screen.

Review of Lust for Light by Hannah Stouffer

Regine Shumann – Who works with colors, plexiglas and plastic light cords. Just gorgeous, and a type of medium I’ve never thought much about before. But now, I’m sure I’ll be much more observant if I see art like this around me.

Review of Lust for Light by Hannah Stouffer

Thanks for reading! I hope this could inspire you or help you make a decision on wether to purchase the book or not!

Again: You can buy the book here! (Affiliate link)

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