Weekly Design Inspiration #1 – Light Installations & Audiovisuals

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It’s been a long time since I did a monthly/weekly design inspiration post. Tbh, I’ve been a bit burnt out on UX/UI design lately, but now as autumn is slowly inching towards us I’ve been finding myself actively searching for new design inspiration again. And to my pleasure (and now yours too), I’ve found so many new great pieces of art and design work that I want to share with you guys.

I’ve noticed that my current interest is especially directed at audiovisual art (live lighting), light installations, and neon art. You’ll see what I mean! A part of me is a bit sad that I currently don’t find UI design as exciting anymore as I did before, but at the same time, I’m not surprised. We all have to develop our tastes and interests in some way or another. And I believe that it’s best to just allow yourself to go in the direction that you find yourself curious in for the moment, and then inspiration and creativity will follow.

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Light Installations / NEON / LED Art

Oki-Nami Brand Identity
Source: https://graphicthoughtfacility.com/oki-nami-identity-2008/

Audiovisual Inspiration

From the same guy as the first picture (with the rainbow lights):

And as featured in my last article, Lumusinstruments installation in Lofi Amsterdam:

I discovered Nonotak Studio, and I love so much of their work. Here are a selected few of my favorites.

Another new artist discovered: 1024architecture. I’d highly recommend checking out the Instagram page where there are tons of super cool light installations.

Following this newfound area of interest, I’m going to start learning 3D rendering and animations. I’d love to create my own light installations and lightning, but since I don’t really have a studio space or know how to work with the materials, I’ll start by doing digital versions. Hopefully, I’ll enjoy the process and perhaps I’ll be able to do something in collaboration with someone else in the future.

This next thing is not related to design inspiration at all but since you made it this far: Here’s my new favorite track on Spotify! Or well… In a way it is related since I’d love to learn how to make visuals to this.

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Thank you for reading, I hope you found something that inspired you as well!

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