Weekly Design Inspiration #2 – Cyberpunk Images

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This week’s theme is centered around cyberpunk photography and illustrations. These types of creations are often photo bashed or a blend of photography and illustration. It’s something I’ve been following for years, and have decided to try learning myself. On my journey to learning about how to take and edit night/urban/culture photography, I’ve encountered so many cool works. Here are a few of the recent ones that have captured my attention. Note! Most of these pictures are not mine, and all credits are given with each respective image.

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1. cyberpunk Apartement by Adrian Mark

It’s a bit funny actually. During the moment I saw this image I was sitting on a sofa, facing a desk set up that looked almost exactly like the one in the picture. It made me realize how far we’ve come with technology and how something that looks so cyberpunk can be a reality for normal people today (well, at least for programmers).

Other than that, the small details I love in this image are the LED lights hanging on the ceiling and by the door. Wouldn’t mind having that in my home. I’m also curious as to where the staircase by the bed leads to?

2. Neo City By Vinh Pham

Vinh’s Artstation >

I don’t usually get excited by cyberpunk “megacity” images anymore, since I’ve seen so many of them. But this one stuck by me for some reason. It gives me such an epic feeling like I’d imagine that I’d feel tingles in my neck if I saw this in real life.

It’s something about the perspective, the way it’s so much, but still so crisp and fresh. In a way, it also represents the more utopian atmosphere of the future. It’s dark and at night, but still has that warm tint and less of the misery often portrayed in cyberpunk aesthetics.

Cyberpunk Neo City

#3 Cyberpunk In Sweden by Robin Engström

Robin’s Artstation >

As someone living in Sweden myself, I always love when I see Swedish motives and texts in cyberpunk art. It’s not really a country known for its cyberpunk cities, but we do have a few really great artists (like this Robin Engström, as well as Simon Stålenhag).

In this first one, you can see Swedish in the poster to the left, which funnily seem to say “Stockholm supports X of Japanese cities”, as well as our “walking humans can cross the street here” sign.

And, perhaps most importantly, the electrical scooter laying randomly on the ground. The topic of electrical scooters has been gaining lots of attention in Sweden recently for the inconvenient ways people ride around in them, as well as just put them down anywhere, causing accidents that have resulted in death.

Here on this second one, you can see the name of lots of Swedish companies. “Systembolaget”, the green one with the yellow text on, is the government-owned chain of stores in Sweden that sell liquor/alcohol.

Another one of his that I love. “Pressbyrån” is one of the most common convienience stores you’ll find in Sweden. The text on the bottom right says “Buy one filter, and get oxygin on the purchase”.

Cyberpunk in Sweden Inspiration Images

#4 MoSCOW Street Photographer – 5Tep5

5tep5.com is a photographer from Moscow who I’ve been following for a few years. He mostly takes photographs of rave lightenings, graffiti, and Moscow streets at night.

Instagram >

And Lastly… Just some pictures I’ve taken in Gothenburg

I’ve recently gotten interested in learning how to take and edit night/urban photography myself. Here are a few of my first ones! (Sadly taken with my damaged phone camera). I’m excited to go out someday with a good camera and take some photographs in the city. I love the look of red and blue lights.

Hope you enjoyed this!

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