Weekly Design Inspiration #3 – Dark UIs & 3D

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This week’s design inspiration doesn’t have a specific theme but simply just consists of some really cool and gorgeous design projects I’ve found recently such as:

  1. Dark 3D Rendering
  2. Digital Audivisual Experience
  3. Cyberpunk Storyworld
  4. Gadget Design – Tube
  5. Polished Dark UI
  6. UI Design Elements on Print
  7. 3D In “Real Life”

Note! None of these are my creations, the credits are given to each creator under each image.

Last week’s design inspiration: Weekly Design Inspiration #2 – Cyberpunk Images

1. 3D Rendering

As usual, I love polished 3D renderings set in dark atmospheres.

Gleb Kuznetsov
Hrvoje Grubisic

2. Digital Audiovisual Experience

This audiovisual video by Samuel Simionato felt like a trip to watch. Watch it full screen, with sound on, and focus on the center. It feels like speeding through electrical wires, falling down from a tall building, and flying through the universe.

Samuel Simionato

3. Cyberpunk Story world

Artist Maks Trofimov uploaded this personal project of his on Behance. From his story description:

It is a story about a man in the world of technology, about life at crossroads ofthe 5th and 6th technological stages. We were so used to having our thoughts known only to ourselves that we completely missed the moment when corporations armed with a huge amount of software and neural networks compiled a fairly accurate portrait of each individual,w ith all their fears,desires, and even a primary description of their soul.

New Lands by Maks Trofimov

There are a couple of cool renderings he’s done to accompany his story world, which is in the link.

4. Gadget Desin – Tube Age by Falcema

Richard Falcema created this gorgeous product design concept of demonstrators in the form of battery tubes, boxes, and a cool mechanical keyboard. See his project on his website here.

5. Polished Dark UI

Dark UI is still my favorite style, and I love finding polished ones. This design by Golo is great because it manages to look super clean while still accompanying so many functionalities. I could definitely take inspiration from this on my own website design.


6. UI Design on Print

For some reason, the look of traditional user interface design printed out looks super interesting to me. For example, buttons printed out on paper. It’s probably because I expect such interfaces to be interactive, which doesn’t go with when printed out.

On this first one, the example is on the right side. The access card is designed with digital conventions.

Halo Graphic

Here on the second example, you can see that the bottom “difficulty levels” look like tabs. Love it!

Marina Zakharova

7. 3D in Real Life

I discovered this artist @nisheink on Instagram who creates really interesting physical artworks that look like digital 3D renderings. Most of his art is in sci-fi/cyberpunk and contains Japanese letters as well as different mediums to give off different effects. Supercool!

Hope you enjoyed this week’s design inspiration!

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