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Picture by Donny Jiang

Curious to what types of glasses we’ll wear in the future? Here’s a collection of inspiration and cyberpunk futuristic glasses you can buy.

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Elements of Futuristic Glasses

Cyberpunk futuristic glasses & goggles
Abrar Khan on ArtStation

The cyberpunk genre was originally a sci-fi genre. It’s about a dystopian future where we achieve advanced technological advancements but are stuck with environmental and political issues. Such as harmful pollution in the air and a questionable police state. Some do argue that we already live in that reality.

Following this, the definition of futuristic cyberpunk glasses would be glasses that we would expect to be used in a cyberpunk environment. And of course, people would probably still be using old-fashioned glasses as well. But, since we’re also talking about futuristic glasses, they have to have something extra. So that means that…

The elements to cyberpunk futuristic glasses are:

  • High-tech – They have information technology built into it or connected with it. It’s not just a pair of prescription glasses to correct eye-sight
  • Protection – Offer some sort of protection against either environmental hazards or against police surveillance (such as hindering facial recognition). I guess this would turn glass into goggles (protective goggles perhaps?)
  • Cool & futuristic aesthetics – We are still talking about cyberpunk as an aesthetic and fictional genre, which means that it also needs to fit into the style of the genre. So.. I’m thinking glasses in the fashion of The Matrix and Cyberpunk 2077. “Fast” glasses, a bit of an over-the-top look, and some cool LED lights on the sides.

Inspiration | Cyberpunk Glasses & Goggles

This is a collection of inspiration for futuristic cyberpunk glasses. Including but not limited to:

  • Cyberpunk goggles and aesthetics
  • Oversized shield visors (but not face masks)
  • Futuristic eyewear
  • Narrow and oversized sunglasses

None of these images are mine. The credits are given below each image if found. Please contact me to add or correct any credits!

While creating this collection I noticed that many of my favorite concept art was from Abrar Khan, so check him out! His Artstation page is full of beautiful high-fidelity cyberpunk graphics.

Cyberpunk futuristic glasses
Cyberpunk futuristic glasses & goggles
Ahmet Atil Akar on ArtStation
Cyberpunk futuristic glasses
Cyberpunk futuristic glasses with hologram
BladeRunner2049 – Nexus 8 Face Molded Eye-Shield
Cyberpunk robotic goggles
Abrar Khan on ArtStation
Cyberpunk eyewear
MaoMornity on DeviantArt
Futuristic Sci-FI glasses & goggles
Buy on Amazon
Cyberpunk Futuristic Glasses
Cyberpunk glasses Rihanna
Futuristic face shields and helmet
Abrar Khan on ArtStation

Real-Life Cyberpunk Glasses

Wouldn’t it be cool to own a pair of super cool and high-tech glasses? I would love that. But, there’s a reason why we don’t see people go around with them… And that’s because we aren’t there yet. I think the closes to industrial futuristic glasses we’ve seen are the Google Glasses, but that didn’t go anywhere.

But we can still have fun and pretend like we’re there. So, in the section below you’ll find the links to some glasses that you can buy from Amazon that go in style with this topic.

Where to Buy

Here are a few futuristic cyberpunk glasses that you can buy from Amazon! These are mostly aesthetic for cosplay, rave, photoshoot, and party outfits.

Cyberpunk LED Visor Glasses >

Sci-Fi Liminous Glasses >

Cyberpunk Goggles LED Visor Glasses

Buy 80s Futuritic Cyclops Cyberpunk Visor Sunglasses

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