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Futuristic Face Masks

In the future, we may see futuristic high-tech face masks and visors being used to protect us from a harsher environment due to climate change and from different toxic particles polluting the air. Dirt and illnesses may also easily spread in more densely populated areas and harsh living environments. Future face masks and visors could integrate smarter materials and technology in beneficial ways.

The use of face masks has increased dramatically in the west since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Face masks are important for protection and hygiene against different viruses, bacteria, gas, and other harmful elements.

They can also be used as a fashion accessory and is often a part of cyberpunk aesthetics and futuristic sci-fi scenes.

“Although often intriguing to the Western eye, protecting the face from polluted air, cold weather, sun or viruses is a common behaviour in China and other Asian Countries.

Frog Shanghai

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Concepts for futuristic face masks & Visors

It’s interesting to see how face masks are becoming the new normal and it may be possible that they are here to stay. However, in the future, we may see more high-tech face masks.

To explore this topic, I’ve found a few product design concepts of futuristic face masks, that we may be wearing in a not-so-distance time.

1. Huami Amazfit Face Mask: Self-disinfecting

Real product design concept

The Chinese company Huami has come up with this product concept of an N95 classified face mask that comes with removable air filters and built-in ultraviolet lights.

The ultraviolet lights enable the mask to disinfect itself. You charge the mask using a USB-C plug.

In addition, the face mask is being designed to work with Face ID.

Amazfit is creating a face mask that self-disinfects with UV light | South  China Morning Post
Amazfit is creating a face mask that self-disinfects with UV light | South  China Morning PostN95 Rated and removable filters

The product is still in development and may be in production in the near future.

Read more about the product design here


Real product design concept

This product design concept was created by Carlos Schreib, at the Weißensee School of Arts Berlin. It is a real prototype of a gas mask product named ESPIRE.

ESPIRE is a gas mask with improved comfort and a friendlier look than traditional gas masks used by for example painters and varnishers. It has a fully transparent front and the filter is placed above the visor.

Futuristic Face Mask Concept – ESPIRE
An image with a caption of: Overview
An image with a caption of: MainAn image with a caption of: Details

Read more about the product here.

3. Airwaves by Frog Shanghai

Real product design concept.

Airwaves is a face mask concept designed by Frog Shanghai, by interaction designer Azure Yang, and Industrial designer Mingmin Wang.

In China, where Frog Shanghai is based, air pollution has been a huge problem in many cities and can lead to premature death and loss of productivity.

Therefore, they came up with a new face mask that is better than the traditional face masks.

The particle sensor measures air quality and shares the data via Bluetooth, which can then be viewed in an app and is shareable with a community,

Frog Design - Airwaves | Masque
Face mask concept
Azure Yang Mingmin Wang(frog Interaction
Futuristic Face Mask: Airwaves by Frog Shanghai
A smartphone app                  collects, visualizes                  and shares the data                  with the comm...
Airwaves Sketches

You can read more about the product concept here.

4. D-Mask: A Futuristic Diving Mask

This futuristic diving mask was designed by ZJ-DDG. I’m not sure if it will be in production, however, I think it should be included anyway for its futuristic design and smart concept.

The idea is that the mask, because of the large visor would feel less restricting than traditional goggles. And it would also feature a radio system so that the diver can listen to music or communicate while using the mask. However, the mask would need to be connected to an air tank for oxygen.

Futuristic Diving Mask by ZJ-DDG
Built-in LED

Futuristic Visor for Sale

If you are looking to buy a futuristic visor or glasses, here are a couple of links! Note, these are amazon affiliate links.

Click on the images to go to the product page.

And here’s a few from Etsy!

Visor Headband Sun Glasses Futuristic Techwear VISOR-XC1 image 1
Visor Headband Sun Glasses Futuristic Techwear VISOR-XC1
Cyber Future Glasses Cyberpunk Cosplay Future Look Visor image 1
Cyber Future Look Visor Glasses
Half Visor  Cyberpunk mask Design By Gins MK.2 image 1
Half Visor Cyberpunk mask Design By Gins MK.2″ KNIGHT” EX

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