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Art by AndreeWallin
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A collection of inspiring and beautiful concept art of futuristic cities, with cyberpunk influence. Asian cities, skyscrapers, flying vehicles, hackers and more.

Elements in Concepts of Futuristic Cities

We humans have always been interested in speculating about how our near- and faraway futures may look like. It seems like todays concept art about future cities are focused around technological advancements and densely populated areas.

Some of the most common reoccurring elements I noticed when making this curation of art was:

  • Skyscrapers
  • Flying vehicles
  • Wearable tech gadgets such as goggles
  • Cyborgs (humans with technological implants)
  • Cyberpunk aesthetics (High technology, but low standards of living)
  • Asian megacities

So, this collection is geared towards cyberpunk and a more dystopian future vision. But there are of course utopian futuristic concept arts as well, for example Solarpunk. Solarpunk is a concept of a future recognised by a lot of nature and trees, in harmony with technology. However, those types of concept arts won’t be included in this article, but perhaps in a future one! If you’re interested in reading more about Solarpunk, then you can easily find more by searching for it on Google or Pinterest.

Collection of Concept Art | Futuristic Cities

Here’s a collection of beautiful concept arts of futuristic cities. The artist/creator’s name is credited below each image.

If any credits are wrong please comment the correct artist or send me an email and I’ll correct it!

Girl in Rainy Cyberpunk Megacity – With Headphones

Okay so… This is the exact piece of concept art that got me into Cyberpunk and lo-fi music 7 years ago.

It’s a speedpaint by Andree Wallin, inspired by Blade Runner. I think this painting perfectly embodies all that I find interesting with a dystopian future. It’s gloomy, rainy, grey, but it’s also so alive. The backdrop is of a megacity that very clearly is packed with people. I think the mood is absolutely perfect.

Cyberpunk futuristic city concept art - Girl with Headphones

I first saw this art as a cover image of this music video “Dabin & Koda – The Take Down” uploaded by MrSuicideSheep (see below, I just have to share it). And it’s a perfect match for this track. It’s also something about how the girl in the painting is wearing headphones herself and that she could be listening to this exakt track while she’s standing up there. I’m so thankful that I found this video. This is how I image myself in the future when I visit a megacity and go to the rooftop to get a better view.

“Chinatown” by Daniel Liang

I love the blend of traditional architecture and futuristic skyscrapers. And I love the cat and the colors.

This concept art actually corresponds very well with the atmosphere I’ve felt every time I’ve visited Shanghai (where my fathers side of the family lives). There’s always a lot of men sitting in white shirts in the summer heat, drinking beer and smoking after a long day of work. And the city is always alive, around the clock. The lights never go out. The difference of course it that even though there’s a lot of skyscrapers, they don’t really cover the entire sky (yet).

Cyberpunk Futuristic City - China and cat
Daniel Liang

Japanese Inspired Futuristic City

Japan has been the original aesthetic influence for cyberpunk art, so it’s not surprising to find that modern futuristic art also leans towards Japanese culture.

Chengdu, China in the Future

I like how this artist also added in details of tech gadgets such as the goggles that can be seen in the first picture. You can also see hologram-advertisements and flying vehicles.

Futuristic cities - Cyberpunk Art
Futuristic cities - Cyberpunk Art and flying vehicles
Inspired by Chengdu – By 手指断了

Hacker in a Dangerous Location

There’s no cyberpunk future city if we don’t have cool hackers sitting with their laptops on dangerous heights. It’s a must. Following the narrative; They’re probably also sitting there doing some illegal anti-government hacking or avoiding the surveillance cameras and stuff down on the ground.

Futuristic cities - Cyberpunk Art with Hacker sitting on a height
Hayley Macmillan

Hope you enjoyed! Let me know if you’d like to see more posts like these.

Want to see more?

I also have this Pinterest board that I regularly update with cyberpunk aesthetic art. Check it out if you’d like to see more!

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