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Futuristic art direction is usually associated with cyberpunk and anime elements in movies, series, and games. However, there aren’t many good inspirational sources to find when it comes to futuristic outfit inspiration. So, I thought it’d be fun to do an exploratory article about futuristic fashion, outfits, and clothing elements, that are also wearable in real life.

The reason I want to highlight “wearable” is it seems like Google-search images only contain really crazy futuristic outfits that look like they come from star wars, but it’s not exactly something most people would want to wear in real life. Or even if you’d want to wear it, perhaps it wouldn’t be very appropriate at job settings and would give a lot of crazy looks. And that’s why we’ll be looking at futuristic outfits and accessories that remind us of futuristic aesthetics without making us look like we’re on a way to a sci-fi movie shooting.

Also, there’s already much more fashion inspiration for these styles towards men, so this will contain more outfits by women instead (just to even out the internet a tiny bit more). Luckily, we live in a modern time, where anyone can wear anything they please!

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Fashion Elements

As mentioned earlier, futuristic aesthetics are mostly associated with cyberpunk aesthetics and Japanese anime elements. This means that it’s…

  • Dystopian (dark colors, not very posh since most people in a dystopian society would be rather poor)
  • Punk/Goth-y
  • Big city vibe (mostly Tokyo-inspired)
  • Techwear
  • Neutral-colored base (black, grey, navy, white)
  • Neon colors on details and/or as accent color
  • Edgy
  • Space inspired
  • Useful materials (water proof, reflective, protective, durable)
  • Gadgets & gears (classes, watches, wearables)

Futuristic OutfitS – Inspiration

Disclaimer: These pictures aren’t mine. Credits are given under each picture.

Opaque/clear umbrellas are definitely on top of futuristic-looking accessories. In movies, these umbrellas usually also come with built-in interfaces and sensors. I have had no luck finding high-tech ones IRL.

Futuristic Outfits Fashion
Eastpak x Raf Simons SS18 Collaboration
futuristic fashion girl

Work-wear-inspired clothing (mostly from construction workers, safety personnel, or military/army wear) with elements such as fishnet patterns, reflexes, and metallic rings also give off a cool vibe.


Bejonson on Instagram

Fast racer/sporty clothing with pops of bright colors and more opaque material.

Futuristic big city outfit
Misuru in Harajuku
Futuristic fashion
Romeo Hunte

Gear/gadgets such as big high-fi headphones. I’m not sure why but I always seem to see headphones in futuristic art.

AndreeWallin on Deviantart

I hope you enjoyed it!

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