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Techwear is probably the most futuristic clothing style out there, and it’s a style for both men and women. Here’s a collection of inspiration and clothing recommendations for women’s techwear clothing.

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Women’s Techwear Clothing Examples

First, here’s a few female techwear clothing inspiration. Specific clothing recommendations are further down in the post.

Image credits to these girls:
1. Ellequin
2. agent006400
3. Wrenji
4. bejonson

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Common Clothing Elements

As you can see, in techwear clothing it’s common with:

  • Cargo pants / Joggers
  • Rain & Running Jackets
  • Breathable & durable materials
  • Side & hip bags
  • Extra pockets for storage (the most common female-clothing problem, fixed)
  • Neutral colors

What is Techwear?

Techwear is a type of clothing style that has become popular during these past years. It’s often associated with dark/black clothing and expensive designer brands.

However, the main focus of techwear clothing is that it should serve additional purposes than covering your body and acting as a fashion statement. Techwear clothing should primarily be functional and high-tech.

An ideal techwear clothing piece incorporates new technologies in textile and fashion. Such clothing pieces should include heat insulation, be water-resistant, add additional storage, and be breathable.

Unfortunately, the techwear scene is much more popular among men than women. So it can be hard to find inspiration and techwear clothing for women. That’s why I wanted to create this post and share some inspiration and clothing tips!

Futuristic & Cyberpunk Streetstyle

I’ve always been interested in techwear. Mostly because I think it’s a forward-thinking mindset since we should be moving away from fast-fashion.

For a sustainable future and world, we should be focusing on functional clothing pieces that are meant to last for a long time. And all of that is something techwear fashion brings.

In the future, we will probably see techwear clothing incorporating computational technologies. For example, touch interfaces sewed into the fabrics.

That’s why techwear in my mind is futuristic and feels like the ultimate urban cyberpunk fashion.

Pinterest Board – Women’s Techwear Inspiration

I also have a Pinterest board full of more techwear outfits for women. Check it out below.

Recommendations of Techwear Clothing

It’s pretty clear that most techwear clothing is made by, and for, men. But, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any good techwear clothing for females. It’s just harder to find.

To help you out, here’s a few women’s techwear clothing pieces!

The reason I’m recommending many Nike products is that it is my favorite clothing brand for techwear. I’ve bought many of their clothes myself and can attest to the quality. It’s a reliable brand, with the right style.

1. Pants – Women’s Techwear

As mentioned earlier, one of the tell-signs of techwear fashion is cargo pants and joggers. Such pants are originally utility pants and are comfortable, durable, and allow for extra storage. I can’t even count the times I’ve heard friends (and myself) complain about the lack of pockets on women’s pants.

Click on the images to buy or on the links below.

List of women’s techwear pants

  1. ""“>AOWEER Women’s Cargo Pants
  2. Women’s High Rise Cargo
  3. ZAFUL Women’s High Waisted Joggers

2. Jackets – Women’s Techwear

Jackets! Probably the most important clothing piece if you live in a cold and rainy country (like Sweden). It’s 100% worth investing in a good water-resistant jacket, and here are a few recommendations.

Click on the images to buy or on the links below.

List of women’s techwear jackets

  1. FIT SPACE Waterproof Jacket
  2. Nike Women’s Essential Hooded Jacket
  3. Nike Women’s ACG Goretex Coat

3. Bags – Women’s Techwear

I love small utility bags and backpacks. They are great. A small black side-bag can never go wrong. And I’ve also been eye-ing clear and transparent backpacks a lot lately.

Click on the images to buy or on the links below.

List of women’s techwear bags

  1. Nike Tech Small Items Bag
  2. Nike Sportswear Essentials Hip Pack
  3. Nike Brasilia Clear Backpack

The Top Techwear Brands for Women

There are quite a few popular brands that do female techwear clothing or just gender neutral ones. Here’s a list of them:

And in general, sports brands such as Nike, Northface, and Adidas have clothing with great quality and that “sporty” look.

I hope this was helpful!

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