Y2K Aesthetic – The Futuristic & Techo-Utopian Fashion

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The Y2K aesthetic is back, both in fashion and in design. Here are some example outfits and clothing pieces for inspiration.

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What is Y2K Aesthetic?

Y2K stands for “the year 2000” and is an aesthetic that was popular around the late ’90s and early 2000s. It is recognizable by its futuristic and retro edgy style and is considered technoutopian (positive view of technology-advancements). The color palette consists of blue, pink, purple, yellow, and black.

To give you an idea the aesthetics can be recognised by:

  • shiny leather coats
  • chunky sneakers
  • wide-leg jeans
  • colourful palettes
  • translucent materials
  • baby tees
  • small baguette handbags
  • mesh tops
  • thin sunglasses

In my observation, the style can take two different directions. One is the darker style of The Matrix with leather jackets, mesh shirts, thin sunglasses and new tech gadgets. The other style is that one of the Mean Girls with colourful plaided mini-skirts, cute baguette bags, and bandanas. Anyway, down below are some visual examples!

Aesthetic Outfits

Here are some of the common pieced of Y2K aesthetic fashion outfits:

Glossy leather

Coasts, pants, skirts, and handbags made of glossy leather.

Y2K Fashion - The Matrix leather coat
The Matrix (movie)

Plaided mini-skirts

Plaided mini-skirts in different colors.

Y2K Fashion
Mean Girls (movie)

Shiny & translucent material

Translucent raincoats, bags, and even shoes.

Blade Runner 2049 - Y2K Aesthetic fashion - Transparent raincoat
Joi in Blade Runner 2049 (movie)

Mesh fabric – A classic retro edgy style

Y2K translucent fashion
Alexander Wang Project

Tiny and colourful sunglasses

In every retro futuristic movie there’s always someone wearing thin sunglasses that make them look fast. Why do they need to look fast though?

Y2K Fashion - Thin Sunglasses

Baby tees – Often with prints on

Baby tees are short t-shirts, most commonly ending above the belly button and worn with wide-legged jeans and skirts.

Blade Runner 2049': Let's Unpack That Strange, Fascinating Threesome Sex  Scene | GQ
Joi Blade Runner – Baby Tee

What do you think of this style? Is it something you would wear?

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