4 Best Figma Cyberpunk UI Kits & Resources

You are currently viewing 4 Best Figma Cyberpunk UI Kits & Resources

Are you looking for Figma cyberpunk UI resources? Here are the best free cyberpunk UI-Kits and template files from Figma Community that you can use.

What is Figma Community?

Figma UI Kits & Resources

Figma community is a platform where designers can create and share files and UI Kits. It’s quite new, but it’s constantly growing. I’ve personally loved it and have begun using files from the Figma Community regularly.

When you’ve found a file that you like, you just click on “Duplicate”, and the file will be copied to your drafts. After that, you can start using them for your projects!

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Figma Cyberpunk UI Files

I often look for cool and useful cyberpunk UI kits. Last time I found this CSS-based (code) cyberpunk UI-Kit, but I didn’t find any good kits for Sketch or Figma. But recently, I took another look around the Figma Community and came across these great ones that I wanted to share with you.

1. Cyber Kit

The ”Cyber Kit” by Matt Walker is my favorite Figma Cyberpunk UI Kit.

It’s exactly the type of graphics that I’ve been looking for. It contains buttons, cards, lines, typography, color combinations, and more. A few examples are shown below. It reminds me of the Cyberpunk 2077 game.

Cyberpunk UI Kits & Resources
Figma Cyberpunk UI Kits & Resources
Figma Cyberpunk UI Kit - Cyberpunk 2077

2. LED-Numbers

Next on the list is “LED NUM”. This kit doesn’t contain much more than these numbers shown in the image below. But you can’t deny that those are a couple nice looking LED-graphics. It’s not always that easy to create nice LED visuals, so it’s nice to have a template.

Figma Cyberpunk UI Kits - Led numbers

3. Cybernetic

Cybernetic is a neomorphic cyberpunk UI-Kit by Harmit Sampat. It’s not as sci-fi inspired as the other ones, but I think Harmit did a great job at achieving the Cyberpunk aesthetics with the choice of fonts, colors, and strong elements.

Figma Cyberpunk UI Neumorphic Kit

4. Synth Circuitry

Synth Circuitry by illustrator Justin Mezzell is described well by himself:

Here’s the deal: technology is pretty cool. You know what else is pretty cool? Bits and boops and (more importantly) glows. And like a ton of glows. And then, what about the light that gets cast off from those glows? What if that light was a neon-fever-dream pink? Yeah, now that’s my love language.

Figma Cyberpunk UI Template - Bolts and neon

Thanks for reading! I hope this was helpful.

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