6 Best Free Figma Community Files

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Figma recently published their new Figma Community. Here’s a list of the best free Figma Community files that I’ve tried.

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What is Figma Community?

Best Figma Community Files and Plugins
Figma Community

Figma community is a place for designers, artists, and other creatives to share files and plugins. As well as connect.

Anyone with an account can browse the available plugins and files. You can also follow profiles, and like files and plugins.

How it works
When you’ve found a file or plugin that you like, you can duplicate it to your own files. And then you can use it for your own UI design projects. Some of the files do have their own policy, so I advise you to read those.

To use the files I show here, just click on the “Duplicate file” button below each image.

Visit Figma Community here >
Read more about Figma Community here >

Best Free Figma Community Files

Here’s a list of the best plugins and files that I’ve found from the community so far.

You can find the creator on the file page on the right side, under the showcase image.

1. Design 2.5D with figma

Best Figma Community Files

The first file is by Ryan.Jyu, and it’s a cool 2.5d illustration scene mad with Figma. You can duplicate the file and use it for free.

2. 3D shapes

3D shapes are in right now. But, perhaps you’re like me and not that good at making your own shapes? Then, this file is perfect for you. You can duplicate the file, and then reuse the shapes. You can change colors as well.

It’s made by Vic.

3. Glassy Cards

The glass effect is everywhere. It looks modern, polished, and smooth. It’s trending on all platforms at the moment.

This is a free glassy cards resource for UI design, made by Aakash Raj Dahal.

4. Glassmorphism

Here’s a free glassmorphism resource for UI design, made by Martina.

5. Iconly 2 – Glass Icons

Did I say that the glass effect was in? heheh..

But these are so gorgeous that I feel like I have to include them. It’s by “Piqo”, and they are gorgeous.

6. 3D Humans Characters

I have no idea how to do 3D Human Characters in programs like Figma or Sketch. I should probably learn… But, in the meantime, here’s a free resource! Good for me, and you. It was created by “Naga Tarun”.

I hope this was helpful and that you found some new awesome Figma files and resources!

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