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Seeking UI Design inspiration for your next music player or app? Here’s a collection of music player UI Design inspiration.

Music streaming apps are quite new in history, but it’s something that we all use. Spotify and Soundcloud are the leading apps today. But it’s likely that new music player apps will become mainstream during the next decade.

A fun UI exercise can therefore be to design the next music player app. Apart from taking inspiration from Spotify and Soundcloud, can also take inspiration from other designers. In this article, I’ve gathered music app UI designs of different styles.

Music Player & Music App Inspiration

Note! This is a collection of UI aesthetic inspiration. It doesn’t mean that these ones have the best UX, especially in terms of accessibility in text color and how well people could actually use these designs. The way I would use a list like these is to get inspiration from the general styles. But I would make sure my own designs meet accessibility criteria and I would perform usability tests on them.

Credits to each designer is below each image.

1. Desktop Music App UI Design

Music Player UI Design Inspiration

This music app design by afterglow is pretty similar to Spotify’s design. But I think that’s a good thing because anyone who’s accustomed to Spotify would be able to learn how to use this design fast. They’ve also done a good job highlighting the most important buttons. One thing that could be improved with this design is the color contrast on grey text on black background. Some of the elements are barely readable.

More Desktop Music App Designs

Music App UI Design
Ofspace Digital Agency
Music Player UI Design
Emmanuel Ikechukwu

2. Mobile Music App Design

Music Player UI Design
Risang Kuncoro

I think this design looks very polished and modern. I enjoy the blurred cards (on the left screen) and the buttons are big enough to be user friendly. The play buttons and other important elements are visually distinct in this design as well. One area that may be improved is the volume bar circle around the album cover (right screen). It’s quite unconventional to have a volume bar like that, and I suspect it would be confused with the time-player if this was a real app.

More Music Mobile App UI Designs

Mobile App Music UI Design
Romeo M

3. Neumorphism Music App Player

Neumorphism Music App Design
Filip Legierski

Neumorphism, the competitor to material design and the likes. Here’s a music app player designed in Neumorphic style. The shadow and highlights are mean to simulate how shadows act around objects in real life, usch as buttons on a TV-controller. I think this is one of the better made Neumorphic UI designs.

More Neumorphism Music App UIs

Neumorphism Music App UI Design
Alexander Plyuto

I hope this helped!

From creating this post, I noticed and learned a few things about designing music apps. One common mistake I saw was to have a too small or visually indistinctive play-and-pause button. This is obviously a fault in the designs since it hinders one of the main functions. Another common problem (with many Dribbble designs) is the lack of color contrast.

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