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Retro-futuristic product design (or what I call retro/vintage cyberpunk) refers to product designs that fit into the future as it would have been seen from the past. Imagine for example an old-school music player, but having functionalities or aesthetics that would exist in the future.

Now, the pieces featured in this article may not all be categorized as retro-futuristic by everyone, and that’s okay! It’s for inspirational purposes mostly. Some of them are just plain old devices, while others are modern concept ideas. But they all have in common a look that fits into retro-futuristic aesthetics.

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Credits are given below each image.


Joshua Cotter
Jason Zigrino

I love the glow and matte-finish in Jason Zigrino’s rendering (above and below). The round forms also make the products look cute and homely.

Jason Zigrino
Retro Cyberpunk / Retro-futuristic
Cem Tezcan (Artstation)
Black and yellow retro-futuristic cassette player product design
Black and yellow cassette player product design by Jason Zigrini
Retro-futuristic radio receiver
Retro-futuristic radio receiver by Jason Zigrino


This cyberdeck is a real creation by Jay Doscher (his detailed blog post) using Raspberry Pi. It looks super cute with the gorgeous white and pink keyboard and shell.

Off-Grid Cyberdeck! The Raspberry Pi Recovery Kit
Cyberdeck by Jay Doscher

Game Console

Technical Designer Cem Tezcan


When I did a little digging to find out the origins of this picture, it turned out that it’s actually just an old HP-computer. But the sleek black and white colors with yellow highlight text makes it look futuristic even though it’s 100% retro!

Retro-futuristic / Retro Cyberpunk product

Hope you enjoyed!

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