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The coolest and hippest UI design style on the web is without a doubt the futuristic style; more specifically, the cyberpunk UI style. The cyberpunk UI design style is most commonly inspired by dystopian sci-fi aesthetics such as neon lights, glitches, and dark mode interfaces. Such graphics are more commonly found in in-game interfaces and visual effects for movies, but hopefully, we’ll see more of that on the web. To help the trend along, here’s a collection of cyberpunk UI website design inspiration. 

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Real Cyberpunk UI Website Design Inspiration

Here are a few real examples of cyberpunk UI website landing pages. These are perhaps more realistic to use as inspiration since they feature interface elements that actually can be implemented with code. Further down in this article you’ll find concept designs, which are fun as well, but may not be as feasible as these ones.

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In general, landing pages make an important first impression on the visitor. Therefore, focusing on designing a really nice front page can be very rewarding in terms of brand image and how the user views the entirety of the website.

Here comes the first patch of real cyberpunk UI website design inspiration! – is the official page for the Cyberpunk 2077 game. This is a section of their landing page. I especially enjoy the small bits and pieces of sci-fi graphics (irregular corner cuts) and the color choices. Those small UI components that look cyberpunk-y (the yellow sides of the thumbnails for example and at the bottom), can actually be quite tricky to implement. So, big kudos to whomever designed and coded this page!

Cyberpunk UI Website Design Inspiration

The second real-life cyberpunk website UI design is It has a really super minimalistic UI design, but it is well made. The font choice, the way it simulates a terminal, and the contents of the website, all together makes it unique.

Real Cyberpunk Website Design Inspiration

The last real-life example is, which is one of my favorite blogs about all things cyberpunk. Aesthetically, and UI design wise, they have followed the cyberpunk aesthetics well with the color scheme, logo, background image, and other small UI components. While it is not as minimalistic as most modern UI design is, their design probably fits well with what their audience (cyberpunk fans) enjoy.

Real Cyberpunk Website Design Inspiration

Cyberpunk UI Concept Inspiration

Here’s a collection of UI design concepts with a cyberpunk and sci-fi theme. So, these are not real website; meaning that the designs have not been implemented in code yet. But they are rather different designers visions of what they’d like to make. This means that perhaps, a lot, or some, of the elements of designs are not feasible or may be very challenging to actually implements in a good way using code. With ”a good way” I mean in a way that is responsive to different screen sizing without breaking, that works on all browsers and operative systems, and that has good usability (UX). But they may be visually pleasing and artistically interesting.

The first concept example is a promo-site for Cyberpunk 2077 by Kirill Koshelev. I think he did a great job with all the graphical details such as the visuals for the title.

Cyberpunk 2077.3
Kirill Koshelev

Next up, we have this sci-fi styled UI design by Igor Bodanov. The small graphic details are really well-done here as well; everything from the thin lines, the horizontally skewed lines, to font choices and opacity in box elements. I especially enjoy the “focus”-aspect of the planet, as well as all the layout with all the elements and fonts. This looks like a website that I would find very visually pleasing to use.

Igor Bogdanov

This is a cyberpunk styled hotel-booking design by Rastovicfilip. We can take inspiration from his choice of colors for the buttons, price, as well as how he references rooms from the picture. I love when people overlap digital UI elements with photography, it’s always a nice clash between two mediums that traditionally don’t blend. I’ve begun to see more technically advances software begin to implement such visual features lately, where by clicking on a point on a image, the page will dynamically change to ”zoom in”; cool!


“A futuristic landing page for colonization in Mars.” by Jyoti Prakash Nayak. I think he did a great job with the border shapes as well as the glow for highlighting certain cards.

Bfr ticketing dribbble 01
Jyoti Prakash Nayak


If you want to create futuristic graphics on the web, you may use one of the many Cyberpunk CSS-based UI-Kits available out there.

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Thanks for reading, I hope you got some good cyberpunk UI website design ideas from this!

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