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Are you looking for the best cyberpunk UI font for your project? To help you out I’ve gathered this list of great cyberpunk UI fonts.

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What makes a font Cyberpunk?

The key to a good cyberpunk UI font is that it needs to:

  • Look futuristic or retro-futuristic (e.g. game UIs)
  • Work in bright colores (e.g. typical neon colors)
  • Fit well with more minimalistic paragraph fonts
  • Work well as headers and titles
  • Look digital (not purely handwritten and unedited)

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4 Best Cyberpunk UI Fonts

Most of these fonts are available in Google Fonts (which is a free library of fonts that you can use). If you’re designing your UI in Figma, then you also get all Google Fonts available in the app.

1. Chakra Petch

Chakra Petch is my all-time favorite cyberpunk UI font. I think it’s gorgeous, easy to read, and works great as titles. It also goes well with bright colors such as yellow and blue.

Chakra Petch in Google Fonts >

Cyberpunk UI Font

2. Rajdhani

If you’re looking for the UI font used in the game Cyberpunk 2077, you may like this one. Rajdhani is very similar to the font used in the game interface. I think it looks good both in bolder format, as well as in the thinner ones.

Rajdhani in Google Fonts >

Cyberpunk UI Font

3. Black Ops One

Cyberpunk is also often associated with an authoritarian state, so one alternative could be this Black Ops One. It has very bold characteristics, is engaging to look at, and looks very modern.

Black Ops One in Google Fonts >

Cyberpunk UI Font

4. Libra Barcode 128 text

For some reason, I always think that barcodes look futuristic, although I guess QR-codes would be more so. Anyway, the Libra Barcode 128 Text is a really fun font that automatically generates a visual barcode to any text you type with this font!

Cyberpunk UI Font

Cyberpunk Font Designs

Here are a couple of examples and inspiration for designs using cyberpunk fonts in different ways! Credits are given to each designer below every image.

First, we have a few by Olga Ryzhychenko, which I think are so cool and well-designed. She also sells her own font designs here.

Olga Ryzhychenko
Olga Ryzhychenko
Olga Ryzhychenko

Here’s one example of using barcodes in the design. It just makes it look a bit more tech-y.


And lastly, here’s an absolutely gorgeous cyberpunk UI design by Viktor Vörös.

AKIRA - website ( 2099 ) teaser futuristic future akira ui interface layout modern hellowiktor
Viktor Vörös

Thanks for reading! I hope this was helpful!

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