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This week’s artist spotlight is on the amazing cyberpunk art by Dangiuz, a sci-fi and cyberpunk visual artist, art director, and graphic designer.

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I’ve come across Dangiuz amazing cyberpunk art many times during the past few years, and I am blown away every time. He’s stated in interviews that he gets inspiration from Blade Runner and Ghost in Shell, which are both my list of best cyberpunk movies. No wonder that the style of his art hits home every time.

Much of his art hits home all the aesthetics of neon-noir and cyberpunk. Some of the most common elements he creates are:

  • Megacities with multiple levels filled with high-tech elements such as flying cars
  • Silhuettes of individuals agains neon-lit backdrops
  • Rainy and foggy sceneries
  • Messy cords hanging hapsardly
  • Huge billboards and advertisements
  • He sometimes includes a cute little cat in his art

Here are a few of his crazily good cyberpunk artworks!

On the first on here, you can see the little cat I’m talking about on the bottom left. A very nice detail.

Amazing Cyberpunk Art By Dangiuz

And he creates expansive sceneries that are so cinematographic and makes you feel invincible, like in the piece below. Doesn’t the man look so free? And there’s the cat again!

Amazing Cyberpunk Art

One thing I got to love with the cyberpunk genre is that women are often portraited as bad-ass and capable as well.

futuristic woman gun

The details on the backgrounds are amazing. Notice all the drones flying far and near, as well as all the different levels of buildings. It captures the essence of cyberpunk megacities so well.

Amazing Cyberpunk Art By Dangiuz

I remember that the first visuals that got me into cyberpunk were illustrations of silhouettes against rainy windows high up in megacities (like Tokyo). It was one of my dreams to live the life of the woman illustrated in the image below.

futuristic woman window raining

And the last example I’m going to show here features a romantic cyberpunk couple in a gorgeous backdrop.

cyberpunk love

I won’t post all of Dangiuz’s cyberpunk artwork here of course. You should go check out one of his social media links or his website to see more!

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