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Here’s a collection of the best dark dashboard UI design that you can use as inspiration for your own project! Desktop, mobile, and elements.

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Dashboards are extra good for dark mode designs because they often contain lots of data, grouped elements, and graphs & tables. A dark mode palette allows the designer to use beautiful gradients, illustrations, and icons for those elements. It makes “boring” data much more fun to look at. A dashboard in dark colors also looks more futuristic and cooler since sci-fi and cyberpunk movies more often feature dashboards in darker color palettes than lighter ones. Last but not least, dark themes are much easier on the eyes when used during nighttime. And one can imagine that dashboards are one of those elements that often get used at night.

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Note! These designs are not mine. Credit to each designer is below every image.

Desktop Dark Mode Dashboard UI Design

Some reoccurring elements are:

  • Darker background with lighter cards
  • Super colourful and gradient cards to highlight areas
  • Strong colors for call-to-action buttons and icons
  • Semi-transparent backgrounds
  • Graphs that contain mostly grey data points, except for one or a few strongly coloured data points
  • Light grey (and not 100% white) text
  • Dark grey (and not 100% black) backgrounds
Dark Dashboard UI Design
Ghulam Rasool
Dark Dashboard UI Design
Ghulam Rasool
Dark theme dashboard
Rafal Olbromski
Black Dashboard UI
Ghulam Rasool
Color Gradient Dark Mode Dashboard UI
Blue gradient dashboard
Bank dashboard UI Dark
Bank dashboard design dark
Dark Dashboard UI Design
AR Shakir
Game dashboard dark theme
Pink gradient design
Manuel Rovira
blue and pink gradient ui
Sèrgi Mi

Mobile Dark Dashboard Design

Dashboards for smaller screens can’t contain as much information at once on screen as the larger ones. This makes it important to design dashboards that are responsive and can adjust to resizing. One way of doing this is by building the dashboard from cards and sections of elements that easily can be flexed into the right position. If you observe the following designs, you can see how they all have been designed in sections or groups of elements.

Mobile  Dark Dashboard UI Design
Sèrgi Mi
Mobile dashboarad
mobile Dark Dashboard
Tran Mau Tri Tam
Daniel Prokopiuk
gradient mobile dashboard
Oliver Cederborg

Design Elements

Lastly, here’s some inspiration of elements that you may include in your dark mode dashboard design.

Dark theme UI dashboard design
Den Klenkov
Dark theme UI dashboard design
Jan Hoffman

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