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Here’s a collection of video player UI design inspiration and tips on things to think about when designing them.

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The world seems to be moving towards video as a preferred format, as it feels more real and dynamic than still images. This can be seen in the rise of popularity for YouTube videos, Instagram reels, and TikToks. A natural consequence of a rise in popularity for videos is that designers will be making more video player UI designs as well. And so, to help in this task, I’ve curated this post of video player UI designs for inspiration!

Note! These designs are curated and not my own, credit to each designer is given below every image with a link to the source.


The layout of a video player is quite similar in most cases. However, there are some details in the UI design that can make a video player component look a bit more polished, clean, and improve the user experience.

Here are some elements that can improve the design of a video player:

  • Make elements (e.g. play button, sound bar, pop-ups) that are overlaying the video image as minimalistic as possible. This makes more room for the video and makes the overall look less distracting.
  • Use opaque/translucent backgrounds on overlays. Any graphical elements that are secondary can have a lower opacity in order to take less visual attention.
  • A nice functionality to have is time:d comments (comments that are placed at a specific timestamp on the vieo). A real-life example is for example the comment section on Soundcloud, which makes listeners feel like they are listening in real-time with other people.
  • On dekstop, it can be a really nice function to see the comment section on the side of the video (especially if the comments are live).

Desktop Video Player UI Design

Dark Mode

In this example, we can see both the implementation of using opaque/translucent backgrounds, as well as a minimal style on overlays.

Video Player UI Design Inspiration
Sajjad Mohammadi Nia
Video Player UI Design Inspiration
Alien Pixels

Light mode

Here’s an example of comments that are attached to a specific timestamp.

Video Player UI Design Inspiration
Przemek Kowal

In the future, it would be cool if we could have interactive overlays on videos such as in the design below.

Video Player UI Design Inspiration
Nick Tarasov
Anton Mikhaltsov
Lena Brusenska

Mobile Video Player UI Design

Shane Helm

I hope this could give you some good video player UI design inspiration!

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