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A collection of cyberpunk dystopian music. The music is gathered from different sources and will set you in the mood of how it would feel like to be in a dystopian setting.

It can be an awesome experience listening to cyberpunk and dystopian music while working and creating things. You may know this type of music from movies such as Blade Runner 2049 and such. For me, dystopian/futuristic music sets me in a very motivated and excited mood. Cyberpunk dystopian music can be both ambient (calmer), as well as super energetic (“harder”). They all have their own fits! I’ll recommend both types of music down below.

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Cyberpunk Music Videos on YouTube

First off, a collection of music videos and soundtracks from YouTube! The nice thing about music videos is that the creators not only get to share the music, but they are also able to add fitting graphics that take the experience deeper.

Ambient / Calm

Let’s start with the calmer and more chill tracks. They are great as background music for working or at night.

This first song by Dabin &. Koda, called “The Take Down” is my all-time most favorite dystopian and futuristic song. I heard it the first time when I was 15 (8 years ago), and every autumn and winter since, I’ve been listening to it. It never gets old, and it always gives me the chills. It’s this exact video by MrSuicideSheep and the art, that got me into cyberpunk. The concept art for this video fits so amazingly well with the song.

This track “Hello Planet Earth” by Ellen is super breathy, mysterious, and futuristic!

A short 5:55 min track with an animated scene from Blade Runner 2049 (the movie). It’s a gorgeous composition.

A longer 1h+ music mix. Great for putting on as background music while working or studying.

Another longer 1h+ music mix inspired by Blade Runner & Cyberpunk.

I absolutely love the combination of the moving visual (of a dystopian megacity, rain, fog, and flying vehicles) and the audio! It sets me in the perfect mood at night, and it’s like watching a movie.

Energetic / Vibrant Energy

Energetic music to get pumped up and excited with!

Spotify Playlists of Cyberpunk & Dystopian Music

Some super long Spotify playlists to put on.

Hope this could help you discover some new cyberpunk musik!

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