What does writing contribute to society? (Why I write)

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Writing is what I live for, at least for the time being. But what does writing contribute to society? Let’s take a look at how writing can impact the world and how a writer can influence society and the lives of those who absorb the words written down.

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How does a writer influence society?

Writing shapes culture and forms societies; it‘s one of the most effective ways of mass communication. One writer may not always be able to change an entire society by himself (although that happened as well); but those who absorb the thoughts and ideas do get influenced by them. This is because people usually believe and get influenced by the words and information they hear from other people; both in spoken and written form; and it happens whether they want it or not.

And if a writer is good at rhetorics, arguments, and laying forward propositions, that writer can have a huge impact on the world. It’s not uncommon therefore, that writing is used as a political device, in order to change the ideas and opinions of the people who are on the receiving end.

Further, writers often write because they have something to say, because they are passionate about something. And that passion can be transferred and promoted to other people as well. For example questions about inequality, racism, and other societal issues.

And of course, writing is not only effective for political purposes. Writing is extremely good for transferring knowledge and information between people across time and space. That’s why schools have course literature and pages like Wikipedia are among the most popular ones on the internet. We humans need information to go around in society, that’s how we built this man-made world, and what’s going to continue bringing it forward.

People can also use writing as a creative tool for art and self expression. It’s a way to express ideas, creativity, thoughts, and feelings. For example, all science fiction books are works of written art. How much impact haven’t great fiction had on countless of lives across time? I even know that some feel that reading fictional stories have saved their lives during periods of extreme hardship and pain. Such is the power of writing and creation through writing.

So, in more ways than countable, writing influences everyone who comes in touch with it. It’s a form of communication, transferring information from one mind to countless of other’s. It stands through time, and have any power that we chose to give it.

Why I write

When I ask myself the question “If I knew I’d die two years from now, what would I do with the time I had left?”; I immediately know that the answer is that I’d do anything that I can to contribute to the world and people around me as much as possible, before I die. For me, I want to do that through writing because that’s how I know how to reach as many people as possible.

And after I’m dead, I want these articles to stay up, and hopefully continue to find its way to the people who could get any type of help or value from it. That’s what I’d want to leave behind.

So, for me, writing is the way I choose to contribute to society. It’s through writing that I want to influence people’s thinking and the way they do things, as well as provide valuable help, advice, and inspiration for those in need. It’s also a super valuable tool to share and promote my passions, so that others can discover them as well. 

Live to write, write to live

For me, the act of writing and publishing it is almost the only meaningful and purposeful thing that I can think of to do with my time. Of course it’s fun for me to watch a movie, eat tasty food, and have a laugh as well. But to put down thoughts, ideas, and concept into written format is essential for me. Even before I began publishing my writing publicly, I was always writing. In my journal, behind locked blogs, in notebooks, to friends.

And now, when I’ve tasted the feeling of having my writings contribute to something of value to others, I know I won’t ever stop. Currently writing is what I live for. I live to write, and write to live. It’s the main reason for me to wake up in the morning, and to exert an effort towards something other than pure hedonistic rewards. 

Whenever I get an email or direct message from someone, thanking me sincerely for any help, advice, or inspiration that I have given them; I know that I am doing exactly what I was meant to be doing with this life. And I don’t even believe in destiny or a higher purpose, but I just know that this is what I was meant to be doing. 


And because of the internet, any writer has this enormous, infinite platform of available audiences of possible reach. Being able to answer hundreds and thousands of people’s questions is an awesome feeling. Some of my posts and tutorials on the internet have gotten over 300.000 views, which is insane. I could never have been able to reach and help so many people through physically talking to people one-on-one. 

Thanks for reading! I hope this could give you some answers on what writing contribute to society and why it’s valuable. If you want to write yourself, do it! Here’s some tips on how to get started: How to write: Come up with topics, stop procrastination, and overcome fears

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