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Looking for a beautiful teal fountain pen ink? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a list of the 3 best teal fountain pen inks that I love.

Fun facts about the color teal (because colors are fun!):
The teal color is a part of the spectrum of blue-green inks. However, it’s on the darker side. Turquoise, for example, is on the brighter/yellower side of the spectrum.

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What makes a fountain pen ink so awesome?

So, my criteria’s for fountain pen inks are the same for all shades:

  • Good aesthetics: Package, bottle, and design should be well thought out and pretty on the eyes.
  • Nice color: The color shade should look good.
  • Ink magic (features): It’s awesome if the ink has special features such as:
    • Shimmery (micro-particles that makes the ink shimmer and shine in certain lights)
    • Multi-colored (inks that shift in color)
    • Shading (going from light to dark when dried)
  • Reliability: The ink needs to work in most pens and be reliable.
  • Smell: No bad smells.

List of best teal fountain pen inks

The top 3 best teal fountain pen inks are:

  1. Syo-Ro by Pilot Iroshizuku
  2. Yama-Dori by Sailor Jentle
  3. Emerald of Chivor by J.Herbin

See more details of the inks below.

1. Syo-Ro (by Pilot Iroshizuku)

Syo-ro by Iroshizuku - Teal fountain pen ink
Syo-Ro w/ the beautiful handmade glass bottle

Brand: Pilot Iroshizuku
Ink color & features: A teal color leaning towards the green side. Looks both interesting and professional at the same time.
Aesthetics: Comes in the most beautiful package, in a handmade glass bottle, and with a cute string.

What I love about it:

The shade is a super pretty teal color. It works wonderfully in all of my pens and on all the papers I’ve tried it on. I love using this for study notes, professional notes, as well as sketching with it.

The color reminds me of pine trees. And the name Syo-Ro actually translates to “Dew on pine tree”. A beautiful name, bottle, package, and ink.

I really love that each of Iroshizuku’s big bottles is of handmade glass, which I talked about in the post about Tsuki-yo by Iroshizuku. It also has a small indent at the bottom to help you catch the last of the ink.

What I don’t love about it:

Let’s be honest here… Iroshizuku inks are expensive. Super expensive. BUT, it is a premium luxury brand, so it’s not that weird.

And also, you don’t need to buy the 50ml large bottles. I probably won’t be able to use up such a big bottle for at least 10 years heh. So you can buy smaller bottles for a cheaper price if money is an issue.

Best teal fountain pen ink
Gorgeous teal color
Syo-ro by Iroshizuku - Teal fountain pen ink
Tzuki-yo (left) and Syo-ro (right)

2. Yama-Dori (by Sailor Jentle)

Yama-Dori by Sailor

Brand: Sailor
Ink color & features: A true teal color. What’s most remarkable about this ink is that has a red sheen (see image below).
Aesthetics: Comes in a pretty package as well, with a small infographic on one of the sides.

What I love about it:

My favorite teal color of all of these! I love this one. It’s the most beautiful shade of teal (in my opinion). It’s also one of the 3 inks that I use the most.

The packaging and bottle work well. It comes with a plastic thing inside the ink that’s designed to help you draw up all of the ink, even when it’s low. That’s what the infographic is about.

What I don’t love about it:

The bottle could’ve been more artistic. But that’s not really a deal-breaker.

Note! The amount of shading you get can vary depending on what nib you use, and what type of paper you use it on.

Sailor Jentle Yama-dori Ink Review — The Pen Addict
This picture is not mine. Credit: The Pen Addict

Read the review by The Pen Addict >

Yama-Dori by Sailor
Infographic to the left

3. Emerald of Chivor (by J.Herbin)

Emerald of Chivor by J.herbin

Brand: J.Herbin
Ink color & features: A teal color. It looks like magic. It has a sheen of green, gold, and red. I don’t even know how that’s possible.
Aesthetics: It comes in a gorgeous glass bottle. It looks inspired by the seal of old letters. Amaaaazing.

What I love about it:

Everything. It’s so pretty, I couldn’t help myself from buying it when I first found out about it. And I’m not sad about it at all. It’s the most magic-looking ink I have in my collection.

The ink is gorgeous. It looks very similar do Yama-Dori (the 2nd ink on the list), but has additional shimmer and color variation.

The bottle and package is gorgeous.

What I don’t love about it:

The only thing that I don’t love about this ink is that it can’t be used in all fountain pens. This is because of the shimmery particles that can get stuck in some pens. Mostly vintage pens or super fine nibs. But most broad-nib fountain pens can use this.

Also, the amount of shimmer and shading you get will vary depending on how broad nib you use, and the type of paper you use it on.

From Calligraphy Masters YouTube video
Emerald of Chivor by J.herbin
The package has a lot of pretty sketches on it

See the ink review by calligraphy masters:

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