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This list contains my 3 favorite fountain pens that I use the most. They are my daily drivers and are always reliable.

I’ve been collecting and using fountain pens for so many years now, and I’ve been obsessed.

My collection ranges from cheap pens from China (for 1.5 dollars) to expensive vintage ones with flex 24k gold nibs. Through it all, I’ve learned what makes a pen great for me, and what I would, and wouldn’t buy again if I had to start over.

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The list of my 3 favorite fountain pens

In short:

  1. Lamy Safari
  2. TWSBI Eco
  3. Pilot Falcon

Scroll down to read more about each.

1. Lamy Safari

Picture by Gouletpens

Price: around 25 USD
Manufacturer: Lamy (Germany)
Availability: Different colors and nib sizes (both in thickness and stub width)

I believe the Lamy Safari was the first fountain pen I bought for myself. The combination of the cheap price (for a fountain pen) and the sleek minimalistic appearance sold it for me. The pen is available in a range of different colors, materials, and nib sizes. And they also frequently release limited editions of the pen in different colors.

What I love about it
This pen always performs well. It has never leaked on me nor been scratchy on any paper. I also really enjoy that there’s a peek-hole for the ink holder, which means that you can always tell if the ink is running out. I also enjoy the pen-clip on the cap to secure the pen on my books.

The only thing I would wish for with this pen is an even thinner nib. I bought the thinnest version (extra fine), but to me, it feels like a medium because of my small handwriting. It’s not an extra-fine compared to Japanese versions.

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2. TWSBI Eco

Picture by Goulet pens

Price: around 43 USD
Manufacturer: TWSBI (Taiwan)
Availability: Different colors and nib sizes (both in thickness and stub width)

This type of pen is called a demonstrator since the body of the pen is transparent and allows the user to see the ink in the pen. The ink capacity in the pen is great and the pen is available in different colors such as white, black, lime green, and fully transparent.

What I love about it
Obviously, it’s gorgeous. I love seeing beautiful ink splashing around inside the pen, appearing to change colors, especially when being held up against a light source. The ink capacity is also great, I have never worried about running out of ink with these pens. It has also never behaved weirdly, doesn’t scratch on any paper, and has a clip on the cap.

Can’t think of any. Except I would love if they made flex nibs as well for this pen.

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3. Pilot Falcon

Pilot Falcon Review – The Nibsmith
Picture by The Nibsmith

Price: around 180-250 USD
Manufacturer: Pilot (Japan)
Availability: Most commonly in black with either silver or gold details. The nib comes in different sizes as well as in semi-flex/soft versions.

Lastly, this is the newest one in my collection of all the favorite fountain pens. This is by far the most expensive pen on this list as well.

I thought about buying this for months, or maybe it was years before I finally pulled the trigger and bought it as a self-gift during the pandemic. And it is gorgeous. Both in pictures and in real life. I bought one with a semi-flex/soft nib in extra fine, and it was the first pen in my life that actually had an extra-fine tip as well as some flex.

What I love about it
The soft/semi-flex nib of course, as well as the gorgeous sleek, black, and luxurious aesthetic look. And since it’s a modern pen, the ink system and everything works well.

I was hoping that the nib would be more flexible than it did, but it’s not their fault since they don’t even call it a flex nib, they call it soft. But nevertheless, I would have loved a super-flexy nib on this beautiful pen.

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