Top 4 Best 0.5 Gel Pens – Fine Tip & Black Ink

If you’re like me and have small handwriting and enjoy writing small, then you must be one to enjoy the best 0.5 gel pens as well!

I have found that 0.5mm is the perfect fine tip for small handwriting. A size of 0.7mm is often too broad and unreadable with small handwriting. And smaller than 0.5 can be too scratchy and unpleasant to write with.

So, what’s the best 0.5mm gel pens for school or work?

To help you out and give you some tips I’ve created this list of the top 4 best 0.5 gel pens I’ve tried and loved.

Note! This list features 0.5 gel pens with black ink since that’s the color I tend to buy and have tested, but most of them are available in other colors as well.

Criteria for best 0.5 gel pens

The pens listen in this recommendation list is based on

  • A 0.5mm gel pen fine tip
  • Affordable price (cheap)
  • Appearance (the prettier the better)
  • Comfort

List of 4 best 0.5 gel pens

This list contains Amazon affiliate links, but all opinions are my own.

1. Pilot G2 0.5 gel pen (extra fine tip)

First on the list is my all-time favorite gel pen, the Pilot G2 0.5 extra fine gel pen.

All the Pilot pens are super reliable, sturdy, and has great quality for the price you pay.

The ink flow is consistent and the pen is comfortable to hold and use.

Pilot G2 05 best 0.5 gel ink pen
Pilot G2 0.5 Gel Pen

Buy it here:

Pilot G2 Extra Fine

2. Muji 0.5mm Gel Ink Ball Point Pen

This pen is also one of my go-to pens for everyday use.

I love Muji. I love their aesthetics and the quality of their products.

Best 0.5 Gel Ink Ballpoint Pen - Muji
Best 0.5 gel pen - Muji
Muji 0.5 gel pen

Buy it here:

Muji 05 gel pen

3. Zebra Sarasa 0.5mm Gel Ink Rollerball

Zebra Sarasa best 0.5 gel ink pen

Third on the list is this famous 0.5 gel ink pen by Zebra. It’s widely loved and appreciated.

It looks very similar to the previous Pilot G2 pen in terms of appearance and shape.

Buy it here:

Zebra Sarasa

4. Pentel EnergGel 0.5mm Gel Pen

Best 0.5 gel pens - Pentel EnergGel
Pentel EnerGel

Lastly, we have the Pentel EnergGel. This is also one of the most recommended and famous 0.5 gel pens.

The only critique I have for this pen is that it doesn’t have that minimalistic look. But, sometimes appearance isn’t everything 😊

Buy it here:

Pentel EnerGel 05mm

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