Top 3 Best Hardcover Notebooks for Fountain Pens

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You need to use really good quality paper for fountain pens, otherwise, the ink will bleed through the paper and it just won’t be fun. However, it can be really hard to find the best hardcover notebooks for fountain pens.

So, to help you out, I’ve made this list of the top 3 best notebooks for fountain pens.

What makes a hardcover notebook good for fountain pens?

I’ve been obsessed with fountain pens, good fountain pen ink, and notebooks for years now.

Through lots of trial and error (and money spent), I’ve found out what criteria are most important.

The criteria’s I’ve based these recommendations on are

  • Good quality hardcover. The pages need to be protected and the book should be durable and not too fragile.
  • High-end paper-quality. Perhaps the most important part when looking for a notebook for a fountain pen is that the paper quality needs to be superb. No bleeding, feathering, or smudging.
  • AestheticsIt needs to look good. A part of the joy of using high-quality stationery is also that they should look good on the eye.
  • Bookbinding. The papers can’t be falling off or in any way be unreliable.
  • Size matters. FOR NOTEBOOKS. I find that the perfect size for notebooks and journals are around A5 (sometimes one size larger or smaller). This is important for portability. And a notebook should never restrict you, only enable you to do more.

The list of top 3 best hardcover notebooks for fountain pens

Without further chit-chat, here’s the list of the 3 best hardcover notebooks for fountain pens.

This list contains affiliate links, but all opinions are my own and I have tried every one of these notebooks myself.

1. Leuchtturm1917 Hardcover Notebooks

Brand: Leuchtturm1917
Price: Around $20 up to $36
Availability: The colors come in maaany different colors. The papers come in plain, squared, ruled and, dot grid (love!),

Buy the Lechtturm1917 hardcover notebooks here >

Why this notebook is great:

This notebook is my all-time favorite notebook for fountain pen inks. Mostly because of the paper quality. My inks never bleed through these pages. And I can’t even remember how many of these I’ve owned.

I also really enjoy how the Leuchtturm notebooks look, aesthetically. I love that they’re so minimalistic and classic. I’ve used them for both school and work, and it’s not uncommon that people have stopped by me to compliment me on these notebooks (doesn’t that just feel awesome?).

Apart from that, it’s also super useful with an index page at the beginning, as well as numbered pages! It also comes with stickers that you can put on the cover to organize and keep track of what you use the notebooks for.


Even though the inks never bleed through, you do get some see-through on the other side. You can definitely see that something is written on the other side of the paper. I, however, enjoy that. But if you don’t, then maybe take a look at the Rhodia notebooks (2nd on this list).

Buy the Lechtturm1917 hardcover notebooks here >

2. Rhodia Webnotebook

Brand: Rhodia
Price: Around $18
Availability: The covers come in multiple colors. The papers are available in plain, lined, and dotted.

Buy the Rhodia Webnotebooks here >

Why this notebook is great:

Firstly, this paper can also handle fountain pen inks really well. I think the Rhodia notebooks handle inks even better than the Leuchtturm notebooks.

These notebooks are made of the premium paper “Clairefontaine 90g”, which is probably the more famous and best fountain pen friendly paper. So if you’re looking for a notebook that won’t give any bleeding or feathering, then this is the best alternative.

Also, I feel like these Rhodia notebooks are sturdier and can handle more than the Leuchtturm notebooks.


Even though the paper is the most fountain pen ink “proof” one, I think the finish of the paper can be a bit too waxy/non-matte. It almost feels a bit plastic sometimes. This is probably why it holds off bleeding and feathering so well though. But because of that, it doesn’t give the antique, classic, and “old-book” feeling that I enjoy.

Buy the Rhodia Webnotebooks here >

3. Black n’ Red Hardcover Notebook

Brand: Black n’ Red
Price: Around $8
Availability: The cover doesn’t come in that many colors,

You can buy the Black n’ Red Hardcover Notebook here >

Why this notebook is great:

The paper is fountain pen friendly and smooth. It’s one of the more popular fountain pen friendly notebooks. The cover both looks and feels very durable as well.

This notebook also comes with maps and pages that can be useful, and it seems like the newer versions come with even more additional charts and maps.


Honestly, I’m not the biggest fan of how this notebook looks aesthetically compared to the others. And I also feel like it doesn’t feel as professional with all the maps and things that come with it.

However, there really isn’t a lot of good hardcover notebooks out there for fountain pen use… So, I guess some things just have to be accepted.

You can buy the Black n’ Red Hardcover Notebook here >

I hope this post could help you in finding great notebooks that work well with your fountain pens! Thank you for reading.

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