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Are you looking for cheap demonstrator fountain pens? In this article, you’ll find a list of 5 affordable demonstrator fountain pens.

This article contains affiliate links, but all recommendations are my own.

What is a demonstrator fountain pen?

A demonstrator fountain pen is a fountain pen with a transparent body. Either just the ink part or the entire pen.

This makes it possible to see the ink flowing inside the pen and sometimes also the inner mechanics of a fountain pen.

In the picture below you can see an example of my TWSBI ECO demonstrator fountain pen. You can see that the body of the pen is clear. The ink is visible and also all of the mechanics of the pen except what’s behind the bottom screw.

You can buy the TWSBI ECO here >

TWBI Eco Demonstrator Fountain pen
TWBI Eco Demonstrator Fountain pen

List of 5 cheap demonstrator pens

1. Wing Sung 698

Brand: Wing Sung
Price: Around $22
Look: Transparent with Silver or Gold Clip

WING SUNG 698 - Cheap demonstrator fountain pens

The Wing Sung 698 demonstrator fountain pen is one of the most recommended ones on the cheap side.

2. Moonman Wancai

Brand: Moonman
Price: Around $20
Look: Mini transparent pocket-size travel pen

Mooonman Wancai - Cheap demonstrator fountain pen

Moonman Mancai is a super cute small transparent fountain pen. It’s quite unique in that there aren’t many mini fountain pens, and especially not mini demonstrator fountain pens.

3. Pilot Kakuno Clear

Brand: Pilot
Price: Around $13.5
Look: Clear barrel and minimalistic

Image by Yoseka Stationery

The price on this one is really cheap, and you get a lot of good pen for the price.

Pilot is also a reliable company who makes great nibs.

Or buy it here (non-affiliate) >

4. Wing Sung 618

Brand: Wing Sung
Price: Around $18
Look: Looks fancy and premium. Comes in both silver and gold clips.

I think this one looks the most premium and well-made of all these on the list.

It has great reviews as well and is one of the most recommended cheap demonstrator fountain pens.

5. Monteverde Monza

Brand: Monteverde
Price: Around $18
Look: Gorgeous and comes in different colors

Or from Goulet pens (non-affiliate) >

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