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Are you looking for the best Figma fonts? Here are the best fonts in Figma that you can use. In addition, I have also included tips and methods on how to identify and find suitable modern Google fonts.

Why is finding the right font so important?

Typography is one of the most important parts of creating a great UI Design. It can make or break your design, and be the difference between something looking professional, or amateurish. It’s always worth it to take some extra time to choose the best choice for your project.

It may be hard to choose and find the right fonts though. Good fonts need to be easy to read, fit the graphical profile of the design, as well as look modern and up-to-date. That’s quite a lot of criteras to check off, isn’t it?

To help you out, I’ve created this article with lots of tips, examples, and links!

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What fonts are available in Figma?

Figma is my favorite design software to use today. And a big part of that is based on the fact that the entire Google Web Fonts library comes with it.

The Google Web fonts is a free library that contains more than 1000 different fonts in 130+ languages for you to use. You can of course use your local fonts as well. I think it’s great that there are so many different, and free, alternatives in the program.

Google Fonts also comes with an API that allows you to link the library to your real web projects. So, you won’t need to worry about if the font you use in your Figma design will be able to be implemented in the end-product or not.

Learn more about fonts in this article and about pairing Google fonts here.

The best Figma fonts

This list is my personal opinion on what some of the best fonts are in Figma. My choices are based on

  • Current UI design trends & aesthetics
  • The readability of the font
  • Pairability – Does it go well with other nice fonts?

Best sans-serif fonts in Figma

Best serif fonts in Figma

My personal favorites

Most of the time, when I’m working on my design projects I don’t have the time or energy to go through all possible fonts. I usually just go with my most commonly used and favorite ones.

For paragraphs

  1. Lato
  2. Roboto
  3. Open Sans

For headings

  1. Oswald – Bold and confident (Great for headings & thumbnails)
UX/UI Design blog category
  1. Chakra Petch – Futuristic and army-ish (very cool)
Futuristic Soldier Concept Art
Chakra Petch
  1. Playfair Display – Pretty and kind-looking

How to find and identify modern UI Google fonts

Modern UI Google Fonts / Find and Identify

UI Design trends are constantly changing and evolving. If you want to sell your design skills as up-to-date you need to be careful not to use fonts that look outdated. To do this, you need to look at what other people in the industry and leading companies are using for fonts and learn from others.

Where to get inspiration & learn

  1. Learn from other designers
    When you’ve found a gorgeous design, you can go ahead and ask the designer what font they used. Most will be happy to answer and will be glad that you took an interest in their work. Remember to be polite and thank them!
  2. Look at what big companies are using
    Big tech companies such as Facebook and Google change their default fonts from time to time. It’s not a stupid idea to take note of their updates and analyze if you can see an ongoing trend. For example, during 2019 there was a visible shift where most big tech company’s switched to minimal sans-serif fonts both for their logos and interfaces. Many other industries followed.
  3. Analyze competitors in your specific industry
    Not all industries share the same design standards and trends. For example, e-commerce for baby clothes most likely shouldn’t use the same font as a forum about lethal weapons. Therefore, one method is to look at what the biggest competitors in your industry are using and take inspiration from them. Most web browsers come with a “Developer Inspection” tool, that allows you to see what font-family a website is using.
  4. Look at the most popular & trending fonts on Google Web Font
    See image below.

Thank you for reading, and I hope this ways helpful!

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