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It’s fun to think about futuristic things such as futuristic interior design, face masks and visors, and cities. And for this article, we’ll talk a bit about the most futuristic car.

Currently, I know of two cars that both could take the prize as the most futuristic car. The cars are the Tesla Cybertruck, and the VISION AVTR by Mercedes. Here’s a closer look at them and what makes them futuristic!

Tesla Cybertruck

Most Futuristic Car - Tesla Cybertruck

The first thing that comes to mind when I think about the most futuristic car that exists is the Tesla Cybertruck, announced this year (2021) by Elon Musk, using a hologram as the presenter. Fun fact: The hologram looks very similar to Grimes, even having almost an identical leg tattoo.

It is very obvious that this car has been designed with the main purpose of being the most futuristic car. It looks like something taken straight out of a cyberpunk movie (like even the name).

Most Futuristic Car

One of the cool things that they highlight is that the Tesla Cybertruck has an exoskeleton, which is an exterior shell to make it more durable and protective. It’s supposed to be “nearly impenetrable” with armor glass. And yeah, I guess that’s a very futuristic quality of a car: to be super safe, protected, and impenetrable.

Most Futuristic Car

It also has a very sleek shape and cool sci-fi lights built-in, both on the back, and in the interior of the car. As I wrote in the article about futuristic interior design, built-in lights are one of the key details of making something look super modern and futuristic.

The interior also of course features a tablet screen and big windows.

Personally, I do think that it is one of the most futuristic-looking cars I’ve ever seen. If not the most futuristic car I’ve seen.

Mercedes-Benz Vision Avtr

But Tesla isn’t the only company that’s been working on creating a futuristic-looking car. Mercedes have done so as well, and in my opinion, succeeded. Here’s The VISION AVTR by Mercedes! It is honestly gorgeous. Here’s the VISION AVTR in real life (road test) >

Rear view of the Mercedes-Benz VISION AVTR in a forest – inspired by AVATAR

As the name suggests, this futuristic car design was inspired by the movie Avatar. They even collaborated with the avatar team and trend researchers to make it and it embodies trends for mobility “in the distant future”. (Written on their website).

Most Futuristic Car

As a car of the future, it is without emissions and fully electrically driven.

For the first time, the revolutionary battery technology is based on graphene-based organic cell chemistry and thus completely eliminates rare, toxic and expensive earths such as metals. Electromobility thus becomes independent of fossil resources. An absolute revolution is also the recyclability by composting, which is 100% recyclable due to the materiality.

Front view of the Mercedes-Benz VISION AVTR – inspired by AVATAR

The interior of this design though wins the title in my eyes of the most futuristic car. They have absolutely gone off the rails with thinking outside the box. The steering wheel for example is no more, and instead, they’ve designed a new type of steering stick.

Most Futuristic Car
The control unit in the Mercedes-Benz VISION AVTR – inspired by AVATAR
Most Futuristic Car

The Winner of the most futuristic car

In my opinion, the Tesla Cybertruck has the most futuristic exterior car design, while the VISION AVTR has the most futuristic interior car design.

What do you think?

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