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How will the futuristic interior design look like? What type of home applications and gadgets will most people have in their homes and how much will be built-in into the building? Will we even have TVs when everyone could just watch movies with VR glasses? Perhaps we’ll even have built-in water taps in the bed frames for easy access to water and built-in cooling and heating systems. There’s a lot of possibilities. Here are a couple of cool concept arts and inspiration for futuristic interior design!

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Futuristic Living Room, Bed Room & Apartements

Fortunately for us, lots of artists and architectures have already made concept models and artwork of how future interior designs may look like. Credit is given below each source.

Futuristic interior design by architect Mohamed Alaa

The first futuristic living room concept is designed by Mohamed Alaa, and was found on ArtStation. I think he’s created a gorgeous vision of futuristic interior design with the integrated and built-in led lights on the ceiling, walls, floor, and cabinets. I personally love built-in light sources, and it is definitely one of the most distinct details for sci-fi-looking interiors.

In the future, many big apartment complexes will need to be built to give housing to all the people that want to live in megacities or are forced to leave certain geographical areas of the planet because of climate change. And it just makes sense to build in as many essentials as possible into the structure of the apartments, so that each tenant can just move in and out efficiently. This has already started to happen in many new buildings being built around the world, especially in Asia where it isn’t uncommon that for example all kitchen essentials are built into the apartments.

Futuristic Living Room
Mohamed Alaa

Another interesting point in Mohamed’s concept is the plants that are fully encapsulated. This is not an unlikely idea for futuristic interior designs. If in the future, most people live in apartments in crowded megacities, then it’s likely that most apartments will lack direct sunlight. Because the sunlight would be blocked from the tall buildings all around, and it’ll probably be just the richest people who will afford to live higher up in the sky. Everyone else will need artificial lightning to keep plants alive.

Futuristic Interior Design
Mohamed Alaa

I’m also spotting high-tech sound systems, a robot upper-body, and a hologram. Nice details!

Futuristic Interior Design - Living Room
Mohamed Alaa

Futuristic Interior Design by Liz Peach

I wanted to create a futuristic environment with a retro feel, so thought up a little story about a small drone that has created a garden paradise out of things he found on an abandoned space ship… Which happened to be cute, old CRT monitors.

Liz Peach on Artstation

In this concept project by Liz, you can again see built-in led strips (as I said, very sci-fi-ish detail that you can use in your own projects as well). And similar to Mohamed’s idea, Liz also images that plants in the future will be tended through artificial lightning. But she takes it one step further and also incorporates the idea that drones may be used in the future to help us with housekeeping.

So, perhaps, ideas of futuristic interior designs should incorporate more robots and drones that will help us keep a nice and tidy home!

Futuristic dystopian apartment by Kamen Nikolov

Kamen Nikolov is a civil engineer, architect, and concept designer.

Inspired by the atmosphere Blade runner 1982, System Shock, Ghost in a shell, Charity and many others, I decided to create an environment, that depicts my vision of the architecture from the dark future. It as also a chance do do something more unconventional, but in the same time believable.

In this future, technology has even more impact on the lives of the people. The population has concentrated in big cities and big corporations are producing cheap small concrete apartments in giant super-structures to satisfy the ever growing needs. The atmosphere over these new mega-cities becoming poisonous, so going out without your gas mask is unadvised, and homes with windows that can open are considered rare. Time has proven, that computer technology with older design is more reliable and harder to trace, so a lot of people who want to preserve what’s little left of they privacy are it’s main users.

Project description by Kamen on ArtStation
Futuristic Interior Design

Of course, in the future, most people will probably not afford to live in a separate living room (which is already happening in bigger cities). It’ll probably be even more common to live in smaller spaces. This concept of futuristic interior design is very cyberpunk, with the color palette and the more dystopian and darker vision of the future.

A few elements to observe are the hologram clock mounted on the wall, projecting numbers, as well as the build-in light in the ceiling and the plant (again!) in the glass box with artificial lightning.

Futuristic Interior Design

It’s interesting how many cyberpunk concepts of future interior designs include old computers and devices. But as Kamen wrote in the description for this project, perhaps it’s because older devices are not as controlled by the government/bigger companies, and can allow people to use them with a higher degree of privacy. Which could definitely be a valid scenario.

Futuristic Bed Frame

The bed here may also be a good inspiration for futuristic bed frames, with a little bit of tech built into them.

Cyberpunk Room Interior by Adrian Marc

This is the room of a cyberpunk girl…about 25-35 years old.

She is a vendor, weapon trader and engineer, she sell weapon mods and weapon augmentations, she can modify and customize weapons. She is not legal so you don’t find her in a shop or market..the player need to go to her apartment, to enhance weapons. She has access to the vents in order to smuggle shady hack mods equipment thru them. 

Adrian Marc
Cyberpunk Futuristic Room Interior

I’ve featured this artwork before in Weekly Design Inspiration #2 – Cyberpunk Images. This is how I imagine a normal interior to look in the future. Not a very big space, but having been built in a way that includes everything necessary to live there. A bed frame, sofa, desk, a chair. One interesting detail is that the plant has a cable attached to it, perhaps it’s a high-tech plant pot that can water the plant on its own.

As you probably can tell, I’m more into the dystopian and cyberpunk concepts of futuristic interior design. But I know a lot of people enjoy the utopian and happy concepts as well, so here’s a couple of those. Towards a bright future, and beyond.

Encho Enchev
Encho Enchev
Futuristic Interior with Postproduction
Andrzej Lewinski

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it!

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