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What types of futuristic gloves will we use in the future? Will they be robotic? Have weapons built-in? Here’s a couple of concepts!

In my series where I curate inspiration for futuristic things (interior design, face masks, movies, and more), we’ve arrived at futuristic gloves. I mostly imagine that we’ll be using robotic gloves in the future, that can elevate our natural strengths and have sensors that can detect and analyze things it comes in contact with. I also imagine that we’ll have futuristic gloves with very durable material, and that will have built-in functionalities of for example heating. No more cold fingers during long winters.

Cyberpunk/Robotic Futuristic Gloves

So, let’s start by looking at some design concepts of cyberpunk and robotic-looking futuristic gloves! Note that these designs are not mine, so I have given credit to each creator/owner under every image.

If you’re looking for inspiration for a real futuristic glove that you can buy, here’s the Teslasuit Glove.

TESLASUIT GLOVE can be used together with the suit as a set or separately. It is a world-first TESLASUIT-compatible VR glove that integrates haptics, motion capture, biometry and force feedback. The glove has a range of breakthrough applications, from enterprise XR-training to rehabilitation and much more. 

This glove does not only look cool but it was designed with a very clear purpose: to allow for better VR experiences. It has motion capture, haptic display, biometry, and force feedback. I think the force feedback is especially interesting since I enjoy interaction design where it isn’t only the user giving inputs to the system, but where the system can answer back to the human. And it’s especially interesting when a machine can give feedback to a human based on “physical” responses such as vibrations, resistance, or spatial movements. It makes robotics more alive.

VR glove TESLASUIT - sci-fi glove 3D model - Futuristic Gloves

Next up, we have the Midi Glove by Gustavo Bravetti, who is an electronic musician and producer. Here‘s him making real music with his futuristic-looking glove. I think this (and he) is suuuupercool.

And here’s just a really sleek and military-looking glove design. I imagine all future designs to have this sleek look. The small wires hanging between the different parts are a nice touch. This is just a visual inspiration though since it’s a 3D model and not a “real” invention or product. But it’s a very real piece of concept art.

sci-fi glove 3D model - Futuristic Gloves
Sci-fi Gloves 3D model
by Hogok

Ideas for Futuristic Gloves

It was honestly quite hard to find that many cool or futuristic gloves.

Here are a few of the concepts for gloves that I wanted to find and include here, but that I couldn’t find:

  • Built-in heating (against cold hands during winter)
  • Sensors that can detect what the glove is in contact with (for example if the user is in touch with dangerous chemicals)
  • Good looking exoskeleton gloves that makes the hands more protected against extreme pressure or heat
  • Built-in screens that display information such as time or important messages

Well, I’ll have to go back to this post in the future when more concepts of futuristic gloves have been posted on the internet! Thanks for reading.

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