Why Figma is the Best Design Software

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Figma has during these past years, and especially months really upped their game. I am so impressed with their software improvements that I would say that Figma is the best design software currently.

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Figma has the best design community

I’ve been a long-term user of Sketch (for multiple years), but I’ve noticed how Figma has surpassed Sketch in many of their newest releases. Especially in terms of community as they launched their Figma community files and plugins. This allows users to share design resources, and it’s just great for everyone involved. Together we can make more amazing things.

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Replacing Sketch and After Effects

I hope to see a future where Figma is enough from the first idea to the end presentation. This includes the mockups, presentation of designs for social media/stakeholders, and animations.

Today the software already replaces Sketch and Illustrator for me. Figma. has also improved immensely when it comes to animations and what’s possible to do within the app. So, it’s starting to replace After Effects as an animation tool in some areas, but it’s not fully quite there yet. Of course, there’s a risk that Figma won’t aim to be a replacement for animation programs such as AE and Principal. But I do hope that they aim to do so.

Puts out content

Figma is also amazing for the number of great tutorials and content that they put out for free.

I’m noticing that Figma is becoming a big player in the design community. Not only in terms of the increased amount of designers using their software but also in their social media presence. The company and its employees can be seen on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram, interacting with users. They seem to be making a conscious effort to contribute to the community.

Do you also think that Figma is the best design software out there today?

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    I’m starting now and I feel like the Figma. interface looks more attractive for me.

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