8 Best Figma Plugins (2021) Design Systems & Developers

You are currently viewing 8 Best Figma Plugins (2021) Design Systems & Developers

Here’s the 8 best Figma plugins that are available (2021), in my opinion. Both for design system, developers, and for productivity.

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Best Figma Plugins for Design Systems

One thing Figma is great at compared to other design software is all their built-in features for design systems. But to make the work process even more effective, you can install plugins that help you manage your design systems between different teams and documents.

1. Figma Chat

This first one is a Figma chat, that allows you to communicate with your team members!

Figma Chat Plugin >

Figma Chat

2. Team Library Component Attacher

This plugin helps you make sure that all your components are synced and attached to the correct files.

Team Library Component Attacher >

Best Figma Plugins for Design Systems

Best FIGMA Plugins for Developers

Designer-developer handoffs can be a tricky thing. Collaborative tools in Figma and other softwares have made the process easier. At least in terms of being able to share files and for developers to inspect paddings, margin, hex-colors and such. But the next level of the game is automatically generated code from design, that can be used by developers as components. It saves both time, money, and confusion.

3. React Figma

This React plugin turn your Figma designs into React components that can be downloaded.

React Figma >

Best Figma Plugins for Developers 2021

4. CopyCat (Swift UI)

This second plugin for developers take designs in Figma files and generate good SwiftUI code.

Copycat >

Best Figma Plugins for Developers 2021

5. HtmlGenerator

Render any selected element into HTML and CSS that you can copy and paste.

HtmlGenerator >

useful Figma plugin resources

The community of course offers many more useful plugins than those for design systems and developers. Here’s a few that I find super useful!

6. Unsplash

Who doesn’t love all the gorgeous and free-to-use images from unsplash? You won’t need to change tabs all the time anymore with this plugin that brings Unsplash images straight into your Figma design screen.

Unsplash >

7. Remove BG

This plugin is useful for removing the background on images!

Remove BG Plugin >

Remove BG

8. Iconfy

A huge collection of icons available for you! No more googling icons and copy-pasting all the time.

Iconfy >

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