Are Figma drafts & files private?

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Figma is currently of the world’s most popular design software, and even though their interface is really useful, we may get confused. I know a lot of people are wondering: Are Figma drafts & files private? Answer: Yes, unless you have shared them at some level.

Let me explain further.

How Figma drafts & files work

All Figma drafts and files are private unless you have ever decided to share that draft or file with someone else. You can share drafts and files at the file level or at the project level.

Here’s the answer Figma gave on Twitter in 2019.

Are Figma drafts private

How to make sure your Figma Draft or File is private

If you want to check and make sure that the draft is private, go to the file in question, and click on the ”Share” button. Here you can see your settings and who has access to the file (see screenshot below).

Figma files drafts projects private

Further, you can change the ”Anyone with the link” to ”Only people invited to this file” can access it. And as you can see in my screenshot below, in this file, only I have access to the file. This means only I can see the draft & file.

Figma files drafts projects private

Other privacy tips on Figma

Obs! Chances are though, that if you are sharing an account with your company, then you are not the only one with access to the account or files.

So, if you want to work on a draft or file that you want to be private, it’s safer to create a new account that only you have access to. Create your files and drafts there and don’t share anything with anyone. That way, you’re much more likely to ensure the privacy of your files.

I hope this could help answer your question of whether your Figma drafts and files are private or not!

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