How to export After Effects as MP4 (without Media Encoder) 2022

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How to Export After Effects as MP4

Are you also getting a headache from being unable to export your After Effects file as MP4 using Media Encoder? I struggled with it a lot and found this alternative way of doing it instead! So, here’s a tutorial on how to export After Effects as MP4, without using Media Encoder in 2022.

Video tutorial

This video is a tutorial of a method on how to export/convert/render your After Effects project as MP4 in After Effects CC 2018, without Media Encoder.

This is a method without using Media Encoder but instead downloading and using the application HandBrake. HandBrake can be used as an AE to mp4 converter. The HandBrake app is free. There are of course other similar programs you can use as well if you want to.

The result will be a file that you can send to and watch on your iPhone. This is a good method especially if you have an After Effect video that you want to post on Instagram for example which can only be done through your phone.

I made this tutorial after having trouble with exporting using Media Encoder Queue, which just didn’t work for me. And I know a lot of you are experiencing the same problem. So, I think this is a good alternative way to do it!

Here’s the same tutorial but in text format in case you can’t or don’t want to watch the video tutorial.

Step-by-Step: How to Export After Effects as MP4 (Without Media Encoder)

  1. Open the Composition Settings in After Effects
  2. Make sure the “Pixel Ratio Aspect” is set to “Square Pixels”
  3. Export in Render Queue. You will get a .mov file
  4. Download a program called “Handbrake”
  5. Chose the movie or file in Handbrake
  6. Make sure the Dimensions are right. The Cropping to Custom and 0 on all form fields.
  7. Chose where to save the video and the name.
  8. Click Start to convert from .mov to .mp4
  9. If you’re on Mac
    • Open the file in Finder
    • Right-click on Share
    • Chose Airdrop
    • Choose the device you want to share it to.
  10. Done!

Other methods

If you don’t want to use the HandBrake app, there are other ways of exporting your After Effects to MP4. There is of course the way with using Media Encoder Queue.

Perhaps you’ve just used it the wrong way. Here’s how you’re supposed to export After Effects as MP4 using Media Encoder Queue.

Exporting After Effects as MP4 Using Media Encoder Queue

  1. Open the document/composition you want to export
  2. Go to “Composition” (at the top menu)
    1. Choose “Add to Media Encoder Queue”
  3. Under “Format”, choose “H264”
  4. Under “Preset”, choose the preset you want
  5. Click the “Play” button, and the export will start.

And you could probably use a lot of other converter software as well, although many good ones cost.

But chances are, that the first method I showed you is gonna work and solve your headache!

Hope this could help you.

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