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Neon colors and lights look so cool. If you’re passionate about futuristic interfaces like me you may enjoy these pieces of inspiration for neon UI design.

Credit to each designer is below every image.

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How to incorporate neon elements

Since neon colors are super bright, and often look best on darker backgrounds, there are som common tricks that designers use. Some of these are…

  • Use bright colors sparingly
  • Use neon colors for highlighting elements (icons, buttons, graphs, special numbers)
  • Create engaging illustrations with the bright colors and keep other elements dark
  • Use a glow shadow on the neon elements (the shadow color is the same as the element, and then add blur and spread)
  • Use gradients between different shades of one color, or between different ones

Mobile App Interfaces

Toma Li Neon UI Design
Cyberpunk inspired neon UI design by Toma Li
Dash Neon UI
By Dash for UI8

A good example of how bright-colored illustrations stand out on the darker background.

Neon Illustration
Left Aligned

High-fidelity mockup with neon colors and movement.

Neon UI Design Inspiration
Offriginal for Orizon

Desktop Interfaces

The bright colors are used to highlight the call-to-action button and the navigation menu to the left.

Neon UI Design

Bright colors used to highlight words in the title.

Tomasz Osowski
Car landing page

Neon Assets

Neon UI Design Loading Graph Circle
Neon gradient loading element by me (Wendy Zhou)

Glowy graphs and buttons in bright neon colors.

Anton Olashyn
Illustration portfolio
Roman Klco

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