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The Korean Netflix series Squid Game has become a global phenomenon during the past few weeks. It’s seen everywhere on social media, referenced in TikTok’s, remixed into electronic music, and developed into memes. And as much else from popular media, the Squid Game has reached the world of web design and UI illustrations. Here are some of the best Figma community Squid Game files and plugins.

Some of these community files can be duplicated and used in your own projects, others can be great inspiration for your designs.

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1. Free Squid Game Mask Icons

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In the series, the guards in the games wear masks with three different signs (triangle, rectangle, and circle). These three full vector Squid Game maks are made by Alexander and can be duplicated to be used in other projects.

Figma Community Squid Game Icons

2. Squid Game Netflix Page

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Dev Kumar Gupta made this nice hero concept design for the promotional page on Netflix.

Figma Community Squid Game UI Webdesign Inspiration

3. Squid Game Website Design

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If you are looking for more UI design inspiration, Karim Saf has made this website with a hero section featuring elements from the series.

Figma Community Squid Game UI Webdesign Inspiration

4. Squid Game – App Concept Design

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If you’re looking to create an app inspired by the series, you may find this project by Yoosef Jafarzadeh good for inspiration. I think it’s a clear interface and he incorporated the graphic style of the series well.

Figma Community Squid Game UI App Inspiration

5. Squid Game Illustration

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A set of three nice flat UI-style illustrations by Shreyas Bendre of the guard’s masks.

Figma Community Squid Game Illustration

I hope you found some inspiration from these Figma community squid game files!

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