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Apparently, I love EBM. And this is my list of the best EBM songs that I’ve discovered so far. I’m especially into Rein, Agent Side Grinder, VNV Nation, and Sturm Café.

I actually learned about the name “EBM” this year. For those who don’t know, EBM stands for electronic body music and is characterized by repetitive basslines, dance rhythms, and voices that I think sound either authoritarian, aggressive, questioning, introspective, or provocative.

A disclaimer: I have absolutely not heard all EBM bands or artists there are, and I’m sure that I’ll continue to discover new songs that I’ll add to the list. But I wanted to share this anyway, in case it could help someone else discover some new music!

Here’s the Spotify list of the best EBM songs (according to me). Some of them may not be 100% EBM though, because I’m not a genre expert. But I think all of them are great.

EBM = cyberpunk music?

I’ve listened to this genre of music for years. But I used to just call it Cyberpunk Dystopian Music, together with other related ones. But I’m glad that I know a specific name now because it makes it easier to find even more similar music. However, I’ve noticed that there can be a lot of different types of EBM, so I’m guessing there are even more sub-genres to it than I know of?

It’s interesting though, how many similarities I find between the aesthetics, philosophy, and attitude of cyberpunk, compared to EBM. I feel like they almost are siblings. Most visibly, it’s the aesthetics of neon, dystopian, and punk-inspired styles. But it’s also the lyrics; that can be critical against society’s norms and highlight the “low life” part of urban life, just like cyberpunk. And also, there’s a common element of “playing” with technology and the use of technology.

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Music videos

To finish off with, here are some awesome music videos.

This first one is by Swedish Rein, who is performing live at FutureRetro. And I think she’s absolutely amazing! I’m shocked every time I watch it, because of how cool she is. I’m not sure, but perhaps I’m one of her biggest fangirls now.

And here’s a music video from one of my favorite bands: Agent Side Grinder!

For this last one, I’m not entirely sure if it counts as EBM, but I’m including it anyway because I think it represents the same style.

The feeling I get when I look at the music video for When is the future? by VNV Nation, is a lot like the feeling I get when I observe people passing me by on the streets, on the way to their jobs. Especially when I’m not doing the same. It almost makes me feel a sense of being outside of society and reminds me of how strong society’s norms are when it comes to the typical employment lifestyle. I’m not exactly sure what the song is meant to be about, but my favorite part is this one:

Time moves so fast
In a single direction
Fighting with the present
Racing from the past

We’re searching for something
That can never satisfy

The reality of answers
When lives are on the line

Thanks for reading! I hope this could contribute to some new music for you.

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