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This week’s newly discovered music features the Swedish musical artist Rein, who describes her music as: “Sexy, cool, hard and raw with awesome basslines”. And I agree with that description. She’s a really cool girl who creates songs that are full of attitude and many of them give a critical commentary on our society.

Her music reminds me of one of the earlier bands I wrote about, Agent Side Grinder. I usually don’t focus much on categorizing music in genres, but I noticed how people put both Agent Side Grinder and Rein in the genre of EBM (electronic body music). So, apparently, that’s the type of music I’m into right now.

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Find her here

My favorite song of hers is “Bruises” (Spotify link). The song is about her past of being bullied and harassed but how that’s now just bruises from her past that she’s moved past. It’s relatable (for me at least), and I love the beat. It’s exactly the type of sound I enjoy.

Reincarnated – Rein’s latest album

Her latest album, released in 2020, is called “Reincarnated”. In her interview with SMP, she tells us that the album is about finding/creating one’s own reality and breaking free, and figuring out what you really want to do with your own life.

I think the reason why I enjoy her music and attitude so much is that I’m currently in the same state of mind myself. I often think about what type of reality I want for myself, and I’ve changed many of my life goals during the past years to reflect that. It feels good to know that someone is thinking as “radically” about society’s norms as I am, although it’s arguable if it should even be called a radical way of thinking.

Apart from that, I respect the way that she isn’t afraid to dress and express herself in a non-traditional “non-feminine” way. It’s a statement in itself that she isn’t just singing about breaking free but allowing herself to embody that attitude fully in both her choice of hairstyle, clothes and the lyrics she sings.

She is also very clearly visually inspired by cyberpunk and movies such as The Matrix, which also resonates so much with me!

May be an image of text that says 'CARES WHO'
From her Facebook page

Lastly, before leaving, take a listen to this one as well:

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