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Here’s a collection of inspirational minimalist blog UI design! For both mobile and desktop screens, as well as some design take-aways.

To achieve a minimalistic blog UI design, it’s important to let the content (imagery & text) shine, and let everything else take the backseat. This means avoiding unnecessary illustrations or complicated color palettes. Of course, in order for these types of minimalistic styles to work, either the content must contain great visuals, or the typography has to provide that.

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MinimalistIC Desktop BLOG DESIGN

Let’s start off with some design ideas for bigger screens!


The front-page is the landing page of the blog where multiple features or recent blog posts are displayed. So this means that the front-page needs to be able to display lots of content, without looking cluttered nor too boring.

Minimalist Blog Dark UI Design
Wendy Zhou
Minimalist Blog UI Design

Working with some CSS flexbox can be a great idea.

Amjad Ali
Minimalist Blog UI Design

Single Post Page

A single post page is the view you get once you’re “in” an article.

One key design choice that I enjoy with great minimalistic blog UI designs is the use of huge thumbnail images at the start of blog posts. It makes the page look much more interesting and engaging. Most super minimalistic blog designs also hide the side-bar while in a single post page, but it would be interesting to see the same versions but with a side-bar.


This one is an interesting one. Here the designer decided to cut off the blog post in two sections, to allow the left part to be a slide-show for multiple images.

Minimalist Blog Light UI Design
Julian Herbst
Ramsés Cabello


For mobile screens, a minimalist blog UI design typically needs to put more weight on the typography. This is because compared to the desktop screens, the thumbnails are limited to a certain size and won’t give as much of an impression.

Minimalist Blog Mobile UI Design
Tomasz Mazurczak

The design below is a great example of how one can use typography to make a minimalistic design more engaging, without using colourful imagery or illustrations.

Photography app ui kit blog 1
Adam Kozel
Artboard copy 59
Cal Notman
Minimalist Blog Mobile UI Design
Tomasz Mazurczak

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed!

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