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Inspiration and curation for the latest and current UI design trends. I looked at current design trends and styles from Dribbble and other social media.

List of Current UI Trends

  1. Voice Control
  2. 3D Elements (3D Humans, spheres, floating cards)
  3. COVID-19 & Face Masks
  4. Glass Effect
  5. AI Graphics
  6. Smart Home
  7. Neumorphism

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Continue reading for some inspirational designs for some of the trends.

1. Voice control

First up is the theme of voice control features.

Alex Doreau
“Weather Theme” by HUA

On the image above we can see the gorgeous UI design weather app theme by HUA. The color gradients are gorgeous, and the typography fits well.

In this design, I noticed how a voice-control button is incorporated at the bottom. And this wasn’t the only design that featured voice-control. A lot of recent designs on Dribbble were including this feature. And so, this makes me think that perhaps the voice-control feature is becoming standard and will be a thing of most future products.

2. Towards 3D illustrations

Pull Out The Horns! isometric design 3d art low poly diorama isometric illustration isometric blender blender3d 3d illustration
“Pull out the horns!” by Reijo Palmiste

Another trending theme is 3D illustrations. And this is specially 3D models of hands, such as this one made by Reijo Palmiste.

The style of these 3D modeled hands are almost always the same and has become highly trendy during the past few months. I think it’s clear that increasingly more illustrators are using this style to create more modern looking illustrations. It seems like the community is moving away from the flat style that was super popular last year.

You can get free 3D hands elements here (Shapefest)

3. COVID-19 & Face Masks

Masks for Doc: Community nonprofit covid19 face maks doctor medical personal protection equipment ppe heart
by Alicja Colon
Drying out vector illustration conceptual at home everyday inspiration quarantine india home drying face masks mask fashion
by ranganath krishnamani
Mask Shop App ecommerce app product page shopping app ecommerce application shop masks mask iphone home page mobile concept design ios shakuro app ux ui
by Shakuro

It’s interesting to see how modern events are incorporated into art and design pieces. With our worldwide pandemic, it’s no wonder that face masks and healthcare elements have been on the rising.

The theme are illustrated by the UI designs above, by Alicja C, Ranganath K, and Shakuro. These designs are just a small portion of all designs being created, containing things related to the pandemic och the use of face masks.

4. Glass Effect

The frosted glass effect is honestly my favorite UI Design trend this year. I think it looks fresh and polished. I hope it’ll continue on.

You can find free UI resources for glass effect here: The Best Free Figma Community Files and Plugins

5. AI Elements

by Gleb Kuznetsov

AI robots, and motion graphics are of course also super popular. And I can only see it becoming more so in the coming years.

The most popular UI artist doing AI motion graphics right now is probably Gleb Kuznetsov.

6. Smart Homes & Futuristic Tech

Smart Home Web/ Dashboard Design smart home minimalism admin dashboard admin panel admin dashboard design dashboard ui dashboad web app app mobile landing animation ui design typography product design illustration design ui minimal
by Hadi Altaf
by Karoi Kos

Unsurprisingly, modern, and futuristic tech solutions can be found in today’s current UX/UI design trends as well. The design above, for example, is an interface for controlling smart-home devices, which is growing in popularity each year.

The second one is a concept design of a video-call app aimed at businesses. The reason that I find this one interesting is because it ties into how our society is changing. Remote work has increased immensely during this pandemic and may be here to stay.

7. Neumorphism


Want to read in-dept about Neumorphism? Read this article

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. If you want to see more, there will be a new one posted next week as well.

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