You Can Now “Pin” Posts on Instagram! Hidden Feature

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The other day when I was playing around on Instagram I found a hidden feature, that you can now pin posts on Instagram! Pinning posts on your Instagram page moves them to the top row of your profile feed, and you can pin up to 3 posts.

This allows you to customize your page more, which is especially great if you’re a creator or use Instagram for any sort of promotion or branding.

Instagram posted about the new feature on Twitter on 7th June, and in this video Instagram head Adam Mosseri explains why they decided to roll out pinning: “Your profile is your space, so we’re looking for more ways to give you control over that experience”.

It’s not uncommon for Instagram to sneakily release new features for users. And since this is a new feature, not all users may see this option, as they often do testing on selected user fragments before full-on releases. So, if you can’t find this option yet, just be patient and it will most likely soon be visible.

How to pin posts on Instagram

You can find the pin option by

  1. Going into one of your posts and click on the icon with three dots “…”.
  2. A pop-up will unfold with the option “Pin to Your Profile” in it
  3. Click on the option to pin a post

To unpin a post, just click on the same option, which will have a changed copy to “Unpin From Your Profile”.

Pin post Instagram page
“Pin to Your Profile” option at the bottom

How can you utilize It?

Here are a few different ideas of how you can use this new feature.

  • Use it to express an atmosphere you want profile visitors to instantly get
  • Promote the most important content if you’re a business, brand, or creative
  • Pin current-issue posts
  • Use it to build an aesthetic
  • Make some cool art with it. An idea would be to create a series of 3 posts where the thumbnails are visually connected (e.g. a visual graphic spanning across all pinned posts). Since you can also pin reels, you can edit the cover of reels to create this, without needing to upload new reels.

Have fun!

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